Saturday, April 22, 2017

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 22-04-2017

Soul Sustenance 22-04-2017

Negative Reactions To Negative Actions

We very commonly react negatively with anger to another person’s anger filled words or actions, which we perceive to be unjustified or unreasonable. But this kind of action on our part, which we feel is our right and is a justified reaction or response, only adds to the negative energy already existing inside a particular situation, increasing the energy and making the situation even more complicated and difficult to resolve. Two negatives never make a positive, they make a higher negative, to which a very high positive has to be added (as compared to before) to bring the situation back to neutral or normal. Also, when you react, you are doing exactly what you believe the other person, the attacker, is doing – injuring someone on an emotional level, which is a form of subtle violence.

Lastly and very importantly, the other person’s negative and impulsive behavior, directed at you, portrays that at that particular moment he/she is experiencing an emptiness or void of wisdom, joy, peace, love and power, a void which he/she believes you have created and can only be re-filled by you. The anger filled action is a desire directed towards you, for this filling up. Hidden behind his/her anger is the feeling - Because of this person, I have lost my happiness at this particular moment and he/she should give it back to me immediately, which means that the other person is lacking the realization that no other person is ever responsible for your happiness. You are, always. Instead of switching on the awareness of this spiritual fact and emerging the value of forgiveness inside yourself, forgiveness because the other person is lacking this wisdom at that moment of time, you react, which makes you similar to him possessing a similar belief, something which you will definitely not appreciate too much. But, what happens is that the emotional storm inside you at that moment hides your ability to see how you are yourself injuring your spiritual heart. While you are in that emotional state, there is no way you can heal the wounds of the other’s heart i.e. correct the other person.

Message for the day 22-04-2017

The art of listening enables me to become a support for those around me.

Projection:When I hear something negative about someone, I usually get influenced by it. Inspite of the fact that I may not have had any negative experience myself, I still tend to get influenced negatively. This brings about a change in my attitude and behaviour towards that person.

Solution: I need to learn the art of listening which enables me to respond in the right way. When someone describes something which involves the negativity of another person, instead of getting influenced by it, I need to understand his feelings and emotions at that time. When I do this I will be able to provide support to him without adding my own negativity to it.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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