Thursday, October 12, 2017

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 12-10-2017

Soul Sustenance 12-10-2017

Conquering The Emotion Of Jealousy (Part 2)

In the 21st century, there are so many mediums which inculcate the feeling of jealousy in a person. You never know how and when the thoughts of jealousy start affecting your life, mental peace and behavior greatly. Jealousy is a complex emotion, which often stems from insecurity or a fear of losing control. Everybody expresses and handles jealousy in a different way, but certain universal techniques can be used to help conquer it. Being aware of jealous feelings is the first step towards keeping it under control. Also conquering jealousy requires an honest conversation about how you feel. It's far healthier to talk about your negative feelings to yourself than to reveal them through your actions.

Hold a strong and determined belief inside yourself that jealousy is an emotion you will never face. Your perfect self just doesn’t deserve the existence of the emotion. For instance, if you have a friend of yours who is extremely smart and successful and sometimes you envy her. That is the time when you need to firmly tell yourself that this is just not your perfect self. You can’t feel that way. Take a few minutes to stand back mentally from the person. The next step is to observe your thoughts as if you were an onlooker or a detached observer. Being as silent as possible, ask yourself as if the thoughts you are having are the ones you wish to keep, if they are going where you would choose them to go. In the resulting silence, steer (change direction) your thinking to where you want it to be; perhaps to personal affirmations or positive thoughts you use to establish yourself on your seat of self-respect. The affirmations can be: I am aware of myself as a special person with my own unique specialties or I am aware of myself as internally rich, full of many invisible treasures or I am aware of myself as a content being and overflowing with happiness, etc. This technique changes our attitudes and feelings and influences us positively.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

Message for the day 12-10-2017

Cleanliness means no waste within.

Expression:To be totally clean means there is not a trace of negativity or waste within. Even in the most complicated situations there is clarity within. The mind is clear and clean so there is clarity in words and actions also. Every decision is taken with a clear mind and so whatever is done is naturally accurate.

Experience: When there is cleanliness in the heart, I am able to win the love of those around me and also of God. I find that I become a mirror for the others and they are able to see their own perfection through me. I also find that I am able to save a lot of time as I am able to see things for what they are and because there is clarity in my thoughts.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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