Friday, June 1, 2018

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 01-06-2018

Soul Sustenance 01-06-2018

Colouring Forgiveness On The Canvas Of Your Mind (Part 1)

When we feel hurt, especially by important people in our lives, with whom we share a close bond, we are often left emotionally weakened and we feel that our worthiness has been called into question, in such situations. This weakness which is created causes a vacuum within ourselves. From a spiritual perspective, our fears of emotional loss in the future and further hurt convince us to hold on to anger and resentment, and hence it keeps the pain alive. Why do we find it so difficult to forgive others? In the process of creating hurt, we often over-identify with the person who has hurt us. We want to hold on to the other person as a prisoner, not knowing that as a result of carrying the hurt, we imprison ourselves in the situation too. In situations of hurt, we often lose awareness of our original form as a magnificent pure soul. We should be in the remembrance that as pure souls, our true home is a spiritual world, the soul world. We come down from the soul world and enter the cycle of wearing and shedding different physical costumes or bodies in each birth. We create many negative karmic accounts with many souls in the journey of different relationships by hurting them at times. Staying in soul consciousness makes it easy to remember that every situation where someone has hurt us, has a purpose of settlement of old karmic accounts created by me in the past and it is not accidental by nature. It is amazing how everything shifts when we look at the situation with this different perspective and it makes it easier for us to forgive.

In so many ways, the art of forgiveness is like blending a new colour from colours that already existed on the palette of our nature like peace, love and truth. These colours become full of creativity, harmony and balance, once they are stroked fresh and blended on an unprepared canvas of our minds and given a beautiful colour of forgiveness. Just as in a painting, where there can be no final phase, in relationships too, we don’t reach some final perfect state and stay there eternally. Forgiveness is much less like a one-time action or event and is more like a circle, a continuous development. It is a circle without anger or bitterness, but where there is joy and truth. We can choose to participate in it.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

Message for the day 01-06-2018

Love and cooperation bring success in all tasks.

Expression:Love is reflected in the love that there is for the person and also for the task. When there is love for the person, there is the ability to give cooperation without any expectations or demands. And when there is love for the task there is the commitment for completing the task, whatever the obstacles that come up in the process of doing things.

Experience: When I am able to have love, I am able to receive hundred percent help and commitment from others too and so I am able to have the satisfaction of moving forward constantly. There is nothing difficult for me and I do everything with great ease. Not only is the task easy but also there is a spread of happiness and joy experienced by all who are involved in the task.

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