Saturday, June 2, 2018

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 02-06-2018

Soul Sustenance 02-06-2018

Colouring Forgiveness On The Canvas Of Your Mind (Part 2)

Forgiveness is a virtue colour with beautiful shades that we can use creatively in difficult situations, to build an inner state of love and generosity. Like a painter often comes full circle and revisits the earlier phases of his painting with new understandings, we too can build the capability within us, to circle back to the beautiful foundation of all our precious relationships and see them, this time, with a new set of spiritual eyes full of forgiveness.

How can we create the beautiful colour of forgiveness on the canvas of our minds? We need understanding of what practical steps to take to imbibe a certain value within us. Real forgiveness cannot be earned. It is unconditional. Sometimes, we feel that it is safer to give a good practical reason for the other person’s behavior and not an emotional one. It also stops us from looking at the other being as a capable soul, who is in charge of his or her actions and is not just a product of circumstances. Hence, real forgiveness requires us to be aware of the situation and be brave, to lay focus on the root word give. It is similar to a situation where however beautiful a set of virtue colours you may have on the palette of your nature, you still need a canvas of your mind to paint and use careful strokes to blend these colours to create the colour of forgiveness on it. This is forgiveness in action and the application of different basic virtues which we possess like peace, love and truth. In real life situations, where we need to forgive unconditionally, love and humility are the foundation of forgiving and becoming free of negative memories. If we practice this art of forgiveness regularly, it can become our second nature.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

Message for the day 02-06-2018

The power of good wishes enables disheartened ones to experience happiness.

Expression:The usual reaction to the negativity in another person is to behave negatively too, i.e., to express negative qualities. This continues although this does not bring about the desired change in the other person. On the other hand, when there is the ability to see the positive qualities in the other person and have good wishes based on that it becomes a source of power to bring about a change to positivity.

Experience: When I have the ability to give positive feelings and good wishes to the other person even when they are negative, they are able to get the power to change the negative to positive. I find that the change that I seek for in others is much more quicker and easier than if there is the emphasis just on negativity.

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