Sunday, June 3, 2018

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 03-06-2018

Soul Sustenance 03-06-2018

Colouring Forgiveness On The Canvas Of Your Mind (Part 3)

A painter, after walking by a beautiful garden, full of flowers and breathing their fragrance, cannot recreate the same picture while she is painting, if she is angry. She needs to support the positive beauty and rhythm of life emotionally, to create a beautiful painting of a scene of life. Similarly, we should remember the qualities of the other person and remember that we have also been forgiven so many times by others and that this is a journey of giving and receiving, and in this sharing, there is no higher or lower status. When our thoughts about a relationship are not tied negatively to every tiny mistake at the level of thoughts, words or actions, that the other person has ever committed, we can see the other person as who he or she really is, and create a beautiful relationship.

Once we have forgiven, we also want to share this new found joy and lightness with the other soul. While creating a new painting, if the colours are applied imperfectly on a canvas and left to dry, it becomes hard to remove or blend them at a later stage. Similarly, we should bring our virtues into action immediately on the canvas of our mind and we should not take too long to forgive others, as it may cost us a beautiful relationship. It then becomes a much longer and harder journey of forgiving oneself. In any hurtful situation where we are both the giver and receiver of forgiveness, we have to be kind and gracious to our own selves and take soft steps. Practicing forgiveness in relationships is the key, as it is what creates a positive reality for the other soul and for us also. In this way, we are able to share our feelings with the other soul and remain light. Therefore forgiveness is not just about letting go, it is also about carrying much more love for the other soul for life in future. Forgiveness does not erase the past, but looks upon it with greater compassion, mercy and love. It liberates the soul and removes fear. It is not just about granting a pardon to someone else, but also about caring about our own emotional welfare. It is a beautiful and permanent change within ourselves, an acknowledgment of one’s inner power as well as an unconditional acceptance in the end.

Message for the day 03-06-2018

To have faith that things will work out for the best means to ensure that they will.

Expression:To have faith that things will work out for the best means never to give up. Even if situations don't support and people don't give encouragement faith gives the ability to go on. Because of this there is recognition of eventhe not so visible resources and they are used for successfully completing the task.

Experience: When I have faith I am never discouraged by temporary failure, but am able to have the courage to move on towards success. I have constantly the satisfaction of giving my best. Because of my commitment and sincere effort, I find that situations and people too cooperate with me, bringing me success in whatever I undertake.

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