Thursday, July 12, 2018

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 12-07-2018

Soul Sustenance 12-07-2018

Crossing Negative Circumstances (Part 1)

There are periods of life in which it seems to us that there is someone or something who gets in the way of our path. Circumstances, instead of going in our favor, go against us. They are barriers that make it difficult for us to reach our objectives; they are interruptions that prevent us from feeling satisfied; they are situations that seem to reduce our feelings of success.

When we find ourselves with these scenes that appear to block our progress towards the aims and objectives that we have set out for ourselves, we tend to have negative thoughts; we feel anger and rage, or we feel sad and unenthusiastic, as if we don't have the strength to either overcome or transform the situation. Rather it is the situation that overcomes or overpowers us and leaves us exhausted. Some people are not prepared for this to happen and put all their strength into fighting the situation. They do so with feelings of anger, revenge and injustice. Often it becomes a process that wastes their energies and leaves them exhausted, without achieving a true solution.

It is possible to live through situations without them causing such an emotional energy loss. That does not mean that we become cold and insensitive to what happens around us. It is a question of living through situations without drowning into them. If we drown ourselves in them we won't be able to help others or ourselves. We will be lost, like the shipwrecked, at the mercy of the waves, the tides and the winds. We will have lost the control of the steering wheel of our ship – our life.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

Message for the day 12-07-2018

Tolerance brings the ability to enjoy the fruits of the moment.

Expression:When there is tolerance, there is the ability to understand and accept situations as they are. So there is no reaction to situation and people, but an ability to act in the right way. So the one who is tolerant is able to make use of the available resources and be the best under all circumstances.

Experience: Even during challenging situations if I am tolerant, I am able to experience success each moment. I have the satisfaction of using the present moment in a fruitful way. Tolerance brings humility in me and I constantly keep learning and progressing, with every challenge that I am faced with.

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