Monday, August 13, 2018

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 13-08-2018

Soul Sustenance 13-08-2018

Remain Silent Within (Part 1)!

Life is a beautiful journey in which we go through a lot of different circumstances. In all these situations which life presents, a very important mental state that we all require to keep is of thinking less and experiencing silence in thoughts. A silent mind gives an experience of contentment and happiness to the self and is the most natural state. We all play our roles in this physical world through the medium of our physical bodies. But our original state is one of silence. This is because our original home where we stay is called the soul world or the world of silence or the incorporeal (non-physical) world. In this world, we do not have bodies, but are tiny sparkling star like energies or souls, full of peace and without any thoughts.

As the soul comes down from the soul world into the physical world to play its role, it enters the womb of a mother for the first time and takes birth as a little new-born. This is its first birth. As its physical body gets older in age, it leaves the body at a certain age and enters another womb of a second mother and is born again and this process of birth and re-birth continues. But, an important thing to note is that as the soul goes through more and more births, it loses its purity and silence of thoughts. Even the quality of actions deteriorates. This is the process of the soul getting discharged in spiritual energy.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

Message for the day 13-08-2018

To understand the power of positivity is to finish negativity.

Expression:All it takes to finish darkness, is a little light. What is real is light and what needs to go away is darkness. In the same way, negativity is nothing but a lack of positivity. The one who is able to use positivity in situations, is able to finish negativity very naturally. There is a very powerful influence of this inner positivity, where no negativity of the self or the others remain.

Experience: When I am able to enable myself to use the power of positivity, I experience myself to be free from the influence of negativity. I am powerful in all situations, and deal with them with great ease. Others or situations don't have an influence on me. Instead I am able to influence others with my own commitment to positivity.

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