Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Spiritual Message On World Heart Day

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5 Tips For Good Heart Health

Spiritual Message On World Heart Day - September 29th

1. Experience A Stress Free Life And Remain Light - Stress is one of the most influential factors in causing heart problems. The more we practice meditation and learn how to control our thoughts and keep them less, positive and powerful, the more our mind remains light and relaxed and this influences our heart health and keeps the heart functioning smoothly.


2. Remain Free From Time Consciousness And Be Soul Conscious - Hurry and worry about different tasks in the day puts stress on our heart constantly leading to heart problems over a period of time. Spirituality teaches us to experience the soul and bring its positive qualities in every task instead of constantly racing against the clock.


3. Go Vegetarian And Feed The Body A Pure Diet - One of the best gifts we can give our body is a vegetarian diet and tobacco and alcohol free lifestyle, which apart from its many physical benefits for the heart, creates a pure environment in the body full of peaceful vibrations. It also makes our nature less aggressive, impulsive and egoistic and influences our heart positively.


4. Experience Happiness And Contentment In Every Relationship - A very big negative influence on the heart is the anxiety associated in dealing with people of different natures and working with them either in the family or at the workplace. Looking at every soul's positive specialties with the help of spiritual wisdom read or listened to everyday, helps us experience joy constantly and be free from any burdens.


5. Have Gratitude For Each Moment Of Life And Make It Special - The moment you get up in the morning, emerge the beautiful experience of gratitude in your consciousness for everything and everyone in life. Also, in the day, keep giving and let the energy of your inner goodness flow to life. This will keep you in a state of bliss and your heart healthy.


Message for the day

To change means to experience progress.

Expression: Whenever there is a desire to bring about a change, there is also a simultaneous intense feeling to find a change instantly – and fully. Yet this does not always happen. However, true change is that in which there is at least a little change. When there is constant effort put in to be better and to do better, then naturally the best results are visible, even if there is not perfection seen overnight.

Experience: When I bring about a change constantly, in whatever little way I can, I am able to experience constant progress. I do not have great expectations, but will be satisfied with the little changes that I make and will have the confidence to go on putting in effort. Even with the little results that I attain I will be able to take encouragement constantly. I am thus able to move on towards perfection.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Avoiding Exaggeration In Conversations

Avoiding Exaggeration In Conversations

Whether it is stating facts in front of our family or narrating an incident to friends, we sometimes exaggerate. By trying to make something seem more important, or better than it is or worse than it is, we make interactions unreal. Moreover, magnifying a negative experience complicates things in our mind and attracts negative vibrations.

1. Do you have someone in your relationships, who likes to exaggerate? Does that person draw you into a drama you wish you could avoid? At times, do you also exaggerate to different extents, for various reasons?

2. Most people exaggerate today, painting a situation with their own perspective and personality traits, thereby distorting the truth. We may want to gain attention, dramatize for added effects or want to persuade someone. But stretching the truth to make it better or worse, reduces our inner power and credibility.

3. Let us start perceiving situations as they are, without adding our own flavours of worry, fear or excitement. If we exaggerate in our mind, we definitely exaggerate in our words. A little attention to declutter the mind by removing the additional pieces of information, helps us convey nothing but facts.

4. Whether it is negative information, health concern or a casual conversation, have the power to state truths. Remind yourself - I do not exaggerate. Being authentic keeps me clean inside and out, and makes me credible.


Message for the day

Sample To be fully responsible is to inspire responsibility in others. 

Expression: When there is true responsibility, there will be freedom given to others too to be responsible.  Ones ideas are not forced on to others but there is full freedom for others to make their own choice.  Support and guidance of course are given and people are able to become independent and responsible.

Experience: When I have learnt to take up the responsibility of my own life, I am able to become self-sufficient and independent and also constantly be available for those around me to become independent and responsible too.  There are enough resources in me for those around to take benefit from.

God As The Supreme Father And Mother

God As The Supreme Father And Mother

In a large number of religious traditions, all over the world, God is always referred to as a male entity. But, just as the soul does not have a gender and is neither masculine nor feminine, God's i.e. the Supreme Soul's gender is neither male nor female specifically. Therefore, as a soul, a spiritual child of God, I can come close to God without any inhibitions or difficulty, which I may experience in any relationship in the physical world, due to the gender of the body I am occupying.


We need to take a look at the Supreme Being or God closely. The Supreme Being is the Supreme Mother who provides spiritual sustenance and whose love is full of unconditional acceptance. No matter what has happened, how my nature or personality may be, I experience unconditional acceptance from God. It's a love that strengthens me, as well as it purifies me. At the same time, God is also the Supreme Father, a very powerful entity, who provides protection and fills the soul with the inheritance of divine qualities and powers. It's a question of just being an innocent child and claiming that inheritance. These are the first two relationships that have to be experienced with God. The Supreme is a balance of being feminine, having the qualities of caring, giving and full of good wishes and masculine at the same time, having the qualities of power, authority and fearlessness. He is She and She is He. These two relationships with God, whereby God plays the roles of both parents are the basis of my spiritual development. Spirituality introduces to us the concept of taking a new spiritual birth to the Supreme Father and Mother. This birth is based on a change of consciousness. One needs to let go of the negative, impure and sorrowful past and develop a new consciousness, based on the present introduction to spirituality, which is positive, pure and blissful. The awareness of the self as a soul changes my way of looking at things immensely, but the consciousness of being a child of God, who is the Mother as well as the Father and seeing others with that vision brings respect and love for myself. Then all these qualities start showing in my actions and interactions as well. 


Message for the day

Words that do not give courage are waste.

Expression: When someone is facing a problem, if the words are not those that give courage to the one facing the problem, then such words are wasted.  There would be no use of speaking such words.  In fact, to speak such words is to discourage the other person further.  So when attention is paid to speak only those words that are for the benefit of all there is a positive and a powerful impact on others.

Experience: Even when I keep attention on a simple thing like speaking only positive words, or words that bring benefit to others, I find myself having only powerful thoughts and words.  I am neither discouraged by others' behaviour nor will I ever discourage others.  I continue to have faith in others and allow this faith to colour my words and actions. So I find that there is benefit in whatever I speak.

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