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Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 04-12-2018

Soul Sustenance 04-12-2018

God And I - The Relationship We Share (Part 1)

A beautiful lesson which we learn at the Brahma Kumaris is to keep God with us in every action throughout the day. The type of remembrance varies according to the action we are performing and also changes depending on the setting we are in, like whom we are talking to, whether we are silent or our mind is busy in something. Also whether the action we are performing at that time is something we have to give a lot of mental attention to like driving a car or is it an action like taking a walk in the park which involves lesser mental attention. The energies of our mind and intellect are used in remembrance. We have to keep that in mind and decide how we will keep God as a companion with us at every moment. There are various different methods of keeping a positive consciousness through the direct or indirect remembrance of God. They say God resides in clean temples only – that means if our mind is absolutely clean, we can experience God extremely closely. There are some people in the world for whom God is an extremely close companion who will tell them everything that is required to experience success in every sphere of life. They are so close enough to God that they can have a sweet conversation with God anytime in which He can give clear and absolutely true instructions for the required moment based on the scenes which He can see from above. Sometimes, we are completely unaware of these scenes, since they are hidden from our physical eyes.

Very often we are so busy in performing actions, that our inner mental connection with God is cut off and we do not realize it. What is the right type of positive mindset to experience a pure connection with God, our spiritual Father and Mother, throughout the day, in different actions, is something that God has shared with us at the Brahma Kumaris. This has made us rich with His power filled company. Our every action needs to be filled with the love filled company of the Highest of Highest and the most beautiful being that exists - God.

(To be continued tomorrow …)
Message for the day 04-12-2018

The one who has the consciousness of being the ruler of his own thoughts is the one who is fortunate.

Checking:When others say anything negative to you, check if you are being influenced by their thoughts, which make you think negative too or if you are able to guide your thoughts as you wish.

Practice: Each day begin your day with the practice, “I am the ruler of my thoughts and it is me who is in control of my thoughts and no one else.” Also remind yourself of this thought and you can see the picture of your fortune in the mirror of your life.

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