Thursday, December 6, 2018

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 06-12-2018

Soul Sustenance 06-12-2018

God And I - The Relationship We Share (Part 3)

A beautiful relationship with God does not mean that we stop having beautiful relationships with everyone else because the love experienced from God is used to give to others without which life would be without any meaning. People who have tried to connect to God alone and forgot the beautiful people in their lives which make life a joyful journey did not reach the destination of peace, love and joy successfully. A loner or someone who disconnects with people will never feel as satisfied as one who connects with people and their specialties. Love God a lot but love others too. In fact, it is God’s love which will fill our relationships with others full of love. This is the triangle of spirituality. Take from God and give to others and also love others to bring them closer to God. This is the objective of true spirituality. Spirituality does not mean only remembering God to purify oneself but to serve others with that pure love which you receive from God. Service, as stated in all religions, is one of the primary objectives of a beautiful spiritual life and service is nothing but purifying others with the help of a love filled connection with God.

Loving God with a pure heart is another aspect of spirituality. Remember it’s the humble and the sweet who will win God’s love and closeness. The egoistic and the critical lose God’s love and as a result are not able to fill their relationships with that love. A loveful bond with God means being happy in His company and sharing that happiness with your eyes, face and your words and actions with others. A remembrance of God at the Brahma Kumaris in meditation is often done in a gathering to share the vibrations of peace, love and joy with others sitting with you through your eyes or vision. That is why we at the Brahma Kumaris meditate with open eyes. So taking and giving go side by side, remembrance of God and serving others go side by side.

(To be continued tomorrow …)
Message for the day 06-12-2018

To be truly truthful is to reveal the truth at the right time and the right place.

Checking:When you are speaking the truth check if anyone is hurt or upset. also check if you are yourself feeling comfortable or not while speaking about it. When the truth is told in the right way, it does not cause sorrow to anyone.

Practice: When you feel that someone needs to be told the truth, make the practice of asking yourself first, ‘is it the right time and the right place for this to be told or could there be a better time and place than this.’ Your action should be based on this answer.

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