Friday, December 7, 2018

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 07-12-2018

Soul Sustenance 07-12-2018

God And I - The Relationship We Share (Part 4)

A relationship with God is incomplete without His remembrance in the right way. Of course, there are millions of people in the world who love God and keep Him in His heart in different ways. But as a student of the Brahma Kumaris, we have learnt a lot about God and as many people all over the world share their experience that what they learnt here was a complete description of who they are and also about their spiritual form and qualities. Also, they learnt about God and His spiritual form, His qualities and extremely importantly His role of the present time.

You might say that we already know God in some way or the other but don’t forget that there is always room for more to learn, which should not be ignored. So keep your minds and hearts open to new and truthful knowledge of the world’s past, present and future and the world Father and Mother, whom we call God. God has opened many secrets about Himself, which many people all over the world have learned and made a part of their life by being a part of our introductory course that we offer here at the Brahma Kumaris. The course is held for one hour everyday and lasts for a week. After that, it is upto you to make a choice whether you continue inculcating more knowledge or you do not but this course will open your mind and give your inner thinking a different point of view. For some it can be a life changing experience. We invite you to any centre of the Brahma Kumaris. Centres are present all over the world. The course is conducted free of charge and the Brahma Kumaris offer this course to people from all the different religions and irrespective of age, gender and occupation. What that means is that anyone and everyone can take up the course and a time can be fixed up as per your convenience and after talking to the centre. This will give you an idea of God’s personality and also His present task of world change.

(To be continued tomorrow …)
Message for the day 07-12-2018

Perform every action after careful consideration of the past experience, present situation and the future consequence and you will be successful.

Checking:At the end of each day, in all the situations that you have faced and in all the decisions you have taken check if there were any feelings of regret, repentance or any other waste thoughts. When the action is performed after careful consideration, there will be no waste thoughts.

Practice: Before you make every major decision, make sure you do it after careful consideration. Let there be the practice of spending time and thoughts before the action than wasting time and thoughts by regretting after the action has already been performed.

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