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Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 08-12-2018

Soul Sustenance 08-12-2018

God And I - The Relationship We Share (Part 5)

A companionship with God is incomplete without starting the day with His pure remembrance in your heart and that means experiencing one’s true self and the form of the true self, which is the same as God’s form. Only then can we experience God closely. At the Brahma Kumaris we say realize yourself as a soul or a pure being of light and then connect with the Supreme Being of spiritual light or God. This is called Rajyoga meditation. This is the first connection of the morning. At the Brahma Kumaris, we perform this mental exercise early in the morning, because this is the time when nature is extremely pure and silent. Also at that time a large number, in fact most people are asleep. Because of this, the overall spiritual atmosphere is pure, with very little negative activity in the form of thoughts, words and actions full of lust, anger, greed, ego and attachment. These are the five primary vices which influence the spiritual atmosphere of the world negatively.

As a newcomer to the Brahma Kumaris, for some, the early morning meditation is the most beautiful experience which they went through over here. They also share their life changing experience with their friends and family members, of how they connect with God, to make them aware as to how one can, with the power of thought, experience a spiritual union with God in His home, the soul world. So, something which has drawn thousands of people to the Brahma Kumaris is the technique of Rajyoga meditation. It is called Rajyoga because it is a simple union with the Highest being that exists – God. It does not involve any particular posture or difficult physical exercises and is an exercise of the mind and can be done by anyone, whether old or young.

(To be continued tomorrow …)
Message for the day 08-12-2018

You receive respect from others when you inspire them with your actions.

Checking:Check if you are using words like, ‘no one listens to me when I want them to do things or no one cares for me or my words…’ Also check if your actions are such that they inspire others.

Practice: In all that you do, let there be the awareness that you are the one who has to teach others through your actions. When you continue to inspire others in this way you will get their respect.

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