Sunday, December 9, 2018

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 09-12-2018

Soul Sustenance 09-12-2018

God And I - The Relationship We Share (Part 6)

Keep in mind some form of remembrance of God once you start performing actions like getting ready in the morning, cooking food, driving to work, taking a walk in the evening and going off to sleep. God is not present everywhere but His remembrance is present in every human being’s heart and that is why we think He is everywhere. We say – God, we love you and we experience His warmth and love immediately at that time. The complete world’s more than 7 billion population can do this at one time and God can respond to each one’s loveful thought with love in return. This is God’s power and because of this power, we thought that God is in each and every molecule of the world.

If God was actually present in the hearts of 7 billion people, they would all be happy and there would be no spiritual ignorance in the world. Also people would never give any sorrow to each other and there would be no impurity in the world. If God was present in every molecule of nature, there would be no natural calamities like earthquakes, floods and droughts in the world which give sorrow to everyone. Also, the complete animal and plant life would be in order which is not the case. Are ecological and climatic disturbances which are threatening the safety of human beings a sign that God is present everywhere? Wherever we see, negativity in the world at all levels is increasing, human values and qualities are reducing. All show that God is not actually present everywhere, but His remembrance still exists in human hearts, but not equally in each one’s heart, because of which there is peacelessness and sorrow in the world. Our remembrance of God will bring peace, love and happiness back in the world and that is why this remembrance is a lifeline for the world.
Message for the day 09-12-2018

Become an embodiment of solutions by discovering the cause of waste thoughts.

Checking:Throughout the day, when faced with any problems check if you are having waste thoughts. Also check the cause of the waste thoughts. Usually the cause would be either because you see your own weakness or because you perceive the negativity in either another person or situation.

Practice: Instead of trying to avoid waste thoughts, make the practice of transforming the thoughts after you have discovered the cause. In this way you will be able to find solutions to all situations.

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