Monday, January 14, 2019

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 14-01-2019

Soul Sustenance 14-01-2019

Imbibing A Character Of Truth (Part 3)

Very often while dealing with people of different types, a lot of negative personality characteristics or weaknesses come into our behavior and sometimes our good qualities get hidden. In such circumstances, people often see us as false and although we are truthful in many ways and we see ourselves that way, one or two weaknesses spoil that truthful nature at times. So, although, at heart, we want to be truthful and we are also, but the little shades of weaknesses, which may not be very much, make us seen as negatively natured. So a truthful nature means all virtues or qualities exist inside us 100% and everyone appreciates them all the times. The literal meaning of truth is not only honesty as we know it but complete purity or cleanliness of character.

Also, a beautiful and truthful nature also means one who does not pretend to be good but is good from deep inside. No one likes people who are good from the outside and will talk about you negatively in your absence. It is like showing a different face to people which others think is you. Also, in friendships or in relations of family, it is very commonly seen that that we will, especially with people close to us, share negative information about others’ behavior. We will also think that it is okay, because those people are not listening. But remember your words don’t reach them, but your thoughts and feelings definitely do. So, not only speak good about others but also think good about them. Be good in front of people and behind their back. That is truth in character and being virtuous always.
Message for the day 14-01-2019

Your love for God will make you feel victorious in all situations.

Contemplation:Your love for God will make you experience His companionship in everything you do. Where there is love there is never a moment of loneliness. Thus you will be able to move forward with courage in all the challenges that life brings.

Application: Think of one situation where you have found yourself failing. Now think that God is with you to help you in this situation. When you believe this, you will find that you’ll get the courage to accept and face the situation. Then you can also work and bring about a change in the situation.

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