Sunday, March 10, 2019

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 10-03-2019

Soul Sustenance 10-03-2019

Consciousness Cleansing (Part 3)

Purity of the mind is something that is to be made the aim of your life and is the most important characteristic of your life. After all, the purer you are, the more happiness you attract in your life. Each time we have an impure thought we transmit an energy packet to the universe of a negative nature. That energy packet will then come back to us in the form of a sorrow filled circumstance which can be of any nature. So, purity of the soul or our consciousness is the foundation of all our life experiences which come to us from the outside world.

If a person is regularly having negative life experiences in the form of a series of body illnesses, that means she has negative energy inside her due to some negative action of her immediate or far off past. This negative energy is at the present moment coming back to her in the form of negative scenes in her life. So what she needs to do at that point of time is to create a lot of positive thoughts, full of purity i.e. thoughts free from lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego and full of peace, love, joy and spiritual power. Also, these thoughts should be full of high self-esteem, and focused towards the negative scenes in her life i.e. creating these powerful thoughts and then complementing them with thoughts of success. This can do magic and wonders and attract the right solutions to her illnesses and bring her sorrows to an end. This is what a pure consciousness can do. Also, if a person is suffering from regular financial losses and there is no end to them. He could start reading something positive every morning and meditate every morning for a few minutes. This will make his consciousness clean and clear and over a period of a few days, he will start noticing a change in his negative situations and he will attract positive wealth earning opportunities in his life. This is guaranteed and is consciousness cleansing in practical life. It is the essence of our lives and the key to the invisible treasures of peace and joy in our lives.
Message for the day 10-03-2019

Faith in God gives you power to face the different challenges that come your way.

Contemplation:In the difficult situations that come in your life when you have faith in God, the power within you is brought out. With the faith that God is with you, you can transform negative to positive, and impossible becomes possible.

Application: When any task demands strength beyond your capacity, make the all-powerful God your companion. With the power of His companionship you will find things a lot easier to handle. Because of your faith help automatically comes.

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