Monday, August 12, 2019

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 12-08-2019

Soul Sustenance 12-08-2019

Rise Above Influences And Decide Accurately

Decision making power is closely connected to the power to discern. It reflects our self-belief, faith, conviction and courage to pursue what we feel is accurate, right and healthy. Today our criteria for decisions have become dependent on decision of the majority. We are deciding our lifestyle on society’s definitions of right or wrong. Even our beliefs about happiness, love, respect, anger and stress are decided based on social conditioning. Decision making power is about rising above the influence of - situations, emotions and opinions - so we can take independent decisions and stand by them, even if we are standing alone. We do not seek acceptance, appreciation or approval.

We carry forward only our sanskars and karmic accounts across our journey of many lifetimes. Everything else like our body, position and possessions are temporary. When we remain in this consciousness our decisions will naturally focus on what is beneficial for the soul. As a result we do not shy away from taking personal responsibility of the consequences of our decisions. At times, we face situations where a decision is not about right or wrong, it is only a matter of choice. For example, we may discern that 2 magazines lying on a table are good to read. The next step is to decide which one to read first. Even in this simple scenario few people cannot decide. They pick one, keep it back, pick the other, keep that back…. Over-thinking, lack of personal responsibility or dependency on other people weakens our decision making power. When we are stable, discernment and decision will be accurate. We take decisions which will strengthen the soul and enhance our emotional and physical health. The decision will not only be right for us, but will also be beneficial to all.

Message for the day 12-08-2019

Determination fills a thought with power.

Expression: Any thought which is added with determination automatically brings confidence. This confidence naturally fills the thought with power. When there is the thought, 'I can do it', there is surely the power to do it. Then there are no distractions, nor is there any comparision with others. All resources are put to the maximum use and the task is accomplished.

Experience: When I am able to fill my positive thoughts with the power of determination, I am able to bring all my special thoughts and plans into action immediately. I am able to feel the satisfaction of bringing equality into my thoughts, words and actions. There is no feeling of helplessness, but there is only confidence and courage in doing what I am supposed to do.

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