Friday, September 13, 2019

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 13-09-2019

Soul Sustenance 13-09-2019

Life Beyond Life (Part 3)

What type of consciousness should one keep on being faced with the death of a close relative, so that one remains protected from the sorrow related to such a sudden loss? If we say that it’s not death but a life beyond life and a shift to a new life existence, we might question and might ask something. That how do we fill the emptiness left in our life and how do we not remember the close loved one, with whom we spent millions of minutes, sharing and receiving so much love and happiness, something which have left deep impressions on our heart, which are difficult to erase. On one hand, we should, on being faced with the death of a close one, conduct group meditation, and pass on the positive energy of peace and power to a departed soul, which help it to go into a life setting with the best of the different pillars of life existence. These pillars are – material comforts, a healthy body and beautiful relationships. Also, this positive energy helps it to adapt easily and in a short period of time to the new environment along with slowly coming to terms with the shift that it is making. Also, we should, during this time, have a deep relationship with the Supreme which will help us to be strong and also study spiritual wisdom which will help us to become content. Also love for serving each one whom we meet, with virtues and powers and being absorbed in the Supreme’s task of positive world change will help us rise above the difficult time phase.

Lastly, we realize that the reality of life beyond life is something that many of us know or have heard of, but at the same time, we are not empowered enough to accept the reality and live the reality. Spiritual understanding empowers us to do that.

Message for the day 13-09-2019

Cooperation brings beauty and growth.

Expression: Everyone seeks for cooperation from others, but the beauty lies in cooperating with others. True cooperation is that which is given with the heart and touches the lives of others positively. It inspires others to be cooperative too. This is the true help that one can extend to others.

Experience: When I am able to be cooperative with others and provide them with the help that they require, I am able to enjoy the joy of giving unconditionally. I am free from expectations from others and I am able to enjoy the growth that I perceive in others. I don't expect others to change for me but because they can improve.

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