Saturday, October 26, 2019

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 26-10-2019

Soul Sustenance 26-10-2019

The Journey Of Purpose (Part 1)

Living a life with a purpose can at times make the journey extremely eventful, with different scenes which may be seen on the way. These scenes make the whole journey, not only challenging, but full of varying types of experiences. These experiences can at times not only provide learning, but also help in increasing various qualities and powers inside us. Every second on a journey of purpose should be given immense value, as it will help you take you to your destination in the shortest possible time. Every different test that comes your way is not a test, but a learning experience that will make you more and more powerful. This is because in overcoming that test you will use your mind in different ways and come to a positive solution.

Some of us have a lot of enthusiasm inside us and are always busy in thinking about how our life purpose will be reached. We even enjoy the journey as it takes us to different places and we also meet different people. It also makes our life full of different types of positive relationships, all of whom help us in achieving our life purpose. Different people will hold our hand at various times in our life and we will learn a lot from them. That would not be possible if life was a predictable and routine filled journey.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

Message for the day 26-10-2019

The method to bring about change is forgiveness.

Expression: Forgiveness means to have good wishes, cooperation, love, respect and faith. This becomes like a blessing for the one who needs to bring about change. Words spoken will then be powerful and easy. This will naturally bring faith in the other person in order to bring about natural transformation.

Experience: When I give only correction I forget to forgive. But when I first forgive I am able to remain cool and easy. I am also able to forget the intensity of the mistake. So when I forgive and forget in this way, my forgiveness itself becomes a correction for the other person.

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