Monday, October 28, 2019

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 28-10-2019

Soul Sustenance 28-10-2019

The Journey Of Purpose (Part 3)

In any success driven journey, in any sphere of life, we need to remember that every difficult obstacle on the journey is there for a reason. Also, remembering that everything happens for a reason, for a hidden benefit, will make you emotionally powerful. And as is the case every time the hidden benefit reveals itself a little later and may not be visible at that time. In such a testing time phase, we require patience and the hidden eye to see where my role or any other aspect of life will show me success on another path. This path could be different from the one I was on. Life is full of different opportunities and is never short of them. Its upto us to remain determined and this power of our determination is the key to our future success. And it will also help us in crossing a temporary setback which may try to take us far away from our destination instead of bring it closer to us. So always remember and keep the simple words in your mind – wait and watch and become an embodiment of that. Time reveals its hidden positive scenes even when a negative scene is in front of us and it may seem temporarily, that all is lost. Also, it depends on us how light we remain in that waiting time period and not lose our happiness at any cost. Also, the wait can be shortened by our mental lightness.

There are some people, who possess the qualities of truthfulness and humility, who are like valuable jewels, who can never be hidden. They will always find a way to reveal themselves and bring their desired success and positive opportunities back to them, no matter what. They will never lack enthusiasm and joy when faced with temporary setbacks. Those who are powerful and determined, they will come back strongly to make a mark on the landscape of life. And they will contribute to it with colours of their specialties and successes in a very big and magical way.

Message for the day 28-10-2019

To fail means there is the need to work a little harder.

Expression: To fail doesn’t means to be a failure but it only means that it will take a little longer before success can be reached. It gives an indication that more effort has to be put in. So when things are done in a different way, it becomes possible to move towards success. Failure in a particular task is a process of strengthening that leads to success.

Experience: During the time of failure, when I understand the significance behind the incident, I am able to be free from negative feelings of fear or disheartenment. Then I am able to learn the right lesson from it and move ahead. So in the worst failures I am able to experience constant progress and thus I find that I am moving on towards success.

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