Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 05-11-2019

Soul Sustenance 05-11-2019

Enjoying The Sightseeing Of Your Life (Part 2)

2. We often go out of our ways to meet people on a tour. We spend lots of time with these people seeing new sights and experiencing new things. Similarly, in life, we should remember that everyone we meet is here to teach us something. In this way, we can see someone who hurts us as someone who is teaching us to work on ourselves. This way of thinking will also help us to improve our way of interpreting and responding to different events in life. Giving importance to the lessons learnt gives us the key to positive change, which will make us feel empowered, instead of shrinking under stress.

3. Becoming a tourist helps us to take some of the fear out of travel. We enjoy every sight, which is higher or lower than us, because we believe that it’s accessible to us as tourists and we just can’t create this kind of experience on our own at our homes. Similarly, situations can be challenging, but if we look at them as unique opportunities in our life journey, bringing spiritual growth, they are not problems anymore. The real strength emerges from the courage to pack up and leave our comfort zones, moving from the familiar and safe place, to experiencing unknown things, just like we do on a travel journey.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

Message for the day 05-11-2019

The power to merge brings success in relationships.

Expression: The speciality of the ocean is to merge. The most beautiful pearl is made of the dirt that is thrown into the ocean. So also the power to merge actually allows one to look at the positivity in spite of the obvious negativity that is expressed by the other person. So the relationship with the other person is only with their positivity.

Experience: When I am able to merge the negativity of others, and look at the positive aspect in them instead, I can automatically experience being light and positive within. Also I find others relating to me with their positivity. I am able to be successful in my relationship with others, however difficult the personality traits of the other person may be.

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