Friday, November 29, 2019

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 29-11-2019

Soul Sustenance 29-11-2019

A Perfect Personality For Success (Part 2)

A very important and other aspect of our daily lives is erasing or removing the negative personality characteristics that exist inside us. We also need to ensure that they do not come to the surface and do not cause a hindrance or obstacle in our everyday dealings. In this particular sphere of self change, there are some people who are more sensitive to their weaknesses. They are always keen to transform or remove them completely while some are less sensitive and are unable to realize or check their weaknesses and change them. Spiritual power is a later step in self transformation, but the first and foremost power is the power to realize that a particular weakness exists inside me. If I don’t realize I will not work to bring that power inside me. Also, once the realization is there, we need to think about possible thought patterns and efforts at the level of words and actions, which will take us to a perfect personality. We need to remove the flaws or weaknesses that give us unhappiness and make others also discontent.

Lastly, the most important tool to be used in self-transformation is taking power from a higher spiritual source and then using that power to change our thoughts. Also the power helps in changing the seed of the thoughts – our personality. Once the personality is changed, our thoughts start taking shape accordingly. Once the thoughts change, our feelings, attitudes, vision, words and actions move towards a positive direction. Self-effort is not so difficult but it can seem difficult if spiritual power is lacking. So, meditation is the foundation of all self change, whether it involves imbibing new qualities and powers or whether it is becoming a better person, by removing weaknesses. Meditation is a connection at the level of the mind and thoughts with the Supreme Soul or God, who is an ocean of spiritual power or strength.

Message for the day 29-11-2019

To have an open mind is to be prepared for mistakes too.

Expression: The one with an open mind is the one who is able to see things for what they are and accept them. He is able to take the lesson from each situation that happens and move forward with confidence. He never lets any situation or even his own mistake discourage him, but he is able to move forward with renewed confidence.

Experience: I am able to learn from my mistakes and be ready for the next learning too when I am able to keep my mind open. Each mistake that happens is also a beautiful teaching when I am willing to learn. With each new situation I find myself growing very beautifully within.

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