Saturday, November 30, 2019

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 30-11-2019

Soul Sustenance 30-11-2019

A Journey Into The Inner Consciousness (Part 1)

The cultures that have existed in the past have always looked at a person, as complete, only if one is able to master his or her thoughts and feelings. Unlike the past, where people were held responsible for keeping a control on their emotions, today, it’s more acceptable to be expressive about our emotions, which may sometimes be negative also. But regardless of what’s socially accepted, most of us would agree that if we make efforts to gain mastery over what happens, in our state of consciousness, we do live a happier life.

Raising human consciousness to a positive level in the modern world is very vital. The only reason we experience life and the energy around it is because we are conscious. The clarity of our vision today is mostly filled with all kinds of false identifications of our personality. Our intellect is mostly focused on discrimination, and this becomes limiting in nature, in the way it differentiates between what is me and what is you. This can create a lot of suffering and conflict. The state of elevated consciousness in thoughts and actions is possible; in fact it is very pleasant and blissful. This blissfulness forms the foundation for the soul, to experience dimensions beyond the physical, and becomes the basis of true love and compassion.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

Message for the day 30-11-2019

To be a giver is to be flexible.

Expression: The one who does not expect from others, but is able to give others from whatever resources he has, is the one who is flexible. Being flexible means to be able to recognize the other person's value system and moulding one self according to it without losing touch with one's own value system.

Experience: When I am a giver, I do not expect others to change according to my value system, but am very easily able to find a way to adapt to the other person's value system. I never expect from others to understand me, but am able to understand others. So there is never any feeling of negativity for anyone.

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