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Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 01-12-2019

Soul Sustenance 01-12-2019

A Journey Into The Inner Consciousness (Part 2)

Consciousness, helps in presenting information, about what is happening outside and inside our being, in such a way, that it can be evaluated and acted upon with responsibility. In this sense, it helps in filtering sensations, feelings, perceptions, and ideas and helps us to establish priorities among different types of information that we are exposed to. It can help us to deliberately weigh what the senses tell us about a particular situation or person, and respond accordingly. It can also help us in creating new and positive thoughts that did not exist before. For example, we can create dreams, write beautiful poems and build new technologies. The contents of our consciousness can play a key role in making us either happy or sorrowful, regardless of what is actually happening on the outside. Through the force of our personalities, we can transform difficult situations into challenges that have to be overcome. The virtue of perseverance through a positive consciousness, despite setbacks and obstacles, is therefore the most important trait, not just for succeeding in life, but also for enjoying it as well.

Consciousness is like a mirror. Everything that we feel, smell, hear or remember is potentially a candidate for entering our consciousness. The experiences, however, that do finally enter our inner being, are actually very few. It is our choice to reflect on them selectively; choosing in the process, only positive thoughts, to shape peaceful situations. This gift of reflection, a gift of our own consciousness, is what we call our life- the completeness of all we have heard, seen, felt, suffered and hoped in every life.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

Message for the day 01-12-2019

To have love for God means to be protected from weaknesses.

Expression: To have love for God means to have love for the perfection that is present within each and every individual, which means to be able to recognise and relate to everyone’s specialities. When this is done, automatically one remains free from one’s own weaknesses and fears and also from looking at the imperfections in others.

Experience: God’s love frees me from all worries and concerns. There will be that close connection with God that will enable me to feel light and easy as God takes care of all my worries and troubles. The faith that God is with me frees me from negativity and so I also find my faith making me an instrument to help others to be free from negativity. I am able to give hope and courage to others too.

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