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Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 03-12-2019

Soul Sustenance 03-12-2019

A Journey Into The Inner Consciousness (Part 4)

Another important content of our own consciousness which is always present is I or the self. The self exists solely in our own consciousness and for others who know us, there will be different versions of it. The self is the most important piece of information as it has everything that has passed through consciousness, all the memories, actions, joy and pain. And above all, the goals that we have built, bit by bit, over the years. While our existence can be improved by outside events, such events must take their place in our consciousness, and be connected in positive ways to our self, before they can affect the quality of our life. Negative emotions like pain, fear, anxiety, or envy are the forces that can affect our consciousness negatively and bring them into disorder. Prolonged experiences of this kind can weaken the soul to the point that it is no longer able to invest attention and pursue its goals. So, it’s important to check that every piece of information that we process has what kind of influence on the soul. Does it threaten our goals, does it support them or is it neutral?

In order to create order in our consciousness and create it positively, the information that comes into our awareness should be in synch with our goals. Then there will be no worry or self-doubt. We will always get positive feedback from the self about whatever we choose to do in life, which will in turn strengthen the self and there will be more focus to manage the outer and the inner environment more effectively. In this state of self-integration, one feels more together than before, not only internally, but also with respect to other people and to the universe at large. Meditation helps in building attention in such a way that we learn to find ways that integrate our thoughts and emotions more consciously and more constructively. By doing that we can navigate different situations more skillfully, and also be able to create positive impact on life’s situations and grow in life successfully.

Message for the day 03-12-2019

To be happy is to let go through the mind and not just through words.

Expression: Things do not always happen as expected. At such times, the one who is able to let go of expectations from the situation is able to forget it. Such a person will not speak about the situation again and again and describe it to everyone. Nor will there be the need to say, “I let go”. Once the situation is accepted as it is, there will not be even a single thought of it.

Experience: When I accept things as they are, I will be able to learn and be richer with every new experience. I will not be mentally troubled by what happened, but will be able to maintain my own inner happiness. I will thus be able to keep my mind clear for whatever is coming up in the future. So I will find freedom from waste and constant progress with the resources that I have.

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