Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 20-05-2020

Soul Sustenance 20-05-2020

Positive Thought Based Living (Part 2)

Blessings from every person you meet will make your life more beautiful and free of difficult situations. Living a life of giving joy to others through the simplest possible ways like a smile or a warm greeting or a gesture of appreciation is a beautiful way of gathering blessings from everyone. It is said very commonly – give blessings and take blessings. That means the more you keep good wishes for others the more full of good wishes you will be which you will receive back from others. A good practice whenever you meet someone is to ensure that you have shared something with the other person e.g. If a person comes to you and he is lacking love, just look at him and create a pure and positive thought in your mind that may this person experience his original quality of love and may he share the same with others. Do this with a humble consciousness. This is like giving a blessing to the other. This will inspire the other person to change and imbibe the quality of love which he is lacking. You may think this won’t work, but the power of a positive thought created by you is immense, which can transform the other person completely. After all our thought energy does touch the other person’s consciousness on a subtle level. It’s like whispering into the other’s ears a message of pure love which he is lacking, listening to which is an inspiration for him to change himself. In the same way, if someone has a habit of becoming angry very easily and you pass her on a particular day on the street, look at her and send her a good wish that may you experience lots of peace which is your original sanskara. These are blessings which work magically. Powerful thoughts have immense power, much more than words.

The pure love that you carry in this incognito way for others is like a healing balm for others which can make people more beautiful and bring them closer to you. Try giving a good wish to every person you meet in the day for one week. This way you will see how all your relationships with people become more beautiful and how everyone around you start becoming better individuals. It’s a beautiful practice.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

Message for the day 20-05-2020

Awareness of my own resources enables me to experience quick progress.

Expression: I usually look for excuses for my lack of progress. I either compare with others or curse my own lack of resources and stop putting in effort. So although I can do a lot I don't experience as much progress as I should.

Experience: To make as much progress as I want to is in my hands. For this I need to recognise the resources I have and put them to the best use. When I am busy with that I am able to move forward quickly.

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