Thursday, September 10, 2020

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 10-09-2020

Soul Sustenance 10-09-2020

The Umbilical Cord Of Meditation (Part 2)

Meditation is the creation of positive thoughts in the mind in such a way that the mind starts getting oriented in a positive direction above the routine thinking of day-to-day life. It is not making the mind blank or completely free of thoughts. In fact, it is making the full of positivity, in the form of positive thoughts and visual images of the spiritual self or the soul and the Supreme Soul, who is the Higher parent of the soul. We all know our physical self, who we are, what our name is, what work do we do, where do we stay, what is our nationality and how we look. But this is are our physical identity and is different from our spiritual identity.

The spiritual identity is simple – I am a non-physical being of spiritual energy, which is not made up of the five elements. Also, I have seven original virtues – peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and wisdom, which is my original nature. I have come into this world from the soul world, also called paramdham or shantidham, to play my part through the physical body, which is like the vehicle which I control. Also, my Father, the Supreme Father and the Father of all souls is an ocean of all these seven virtues, who stays in the soul world. This is my spiritual introduction and so is this the introduction of all the human beings of the world. Now, to link or connect with God, the Ocean of all virtues, I have to remember my spiritual form and emerge my qualities through the power of thought and visualization. This is the first step of meditation. After that, I travel with the eye of my mind to the soul world and visualize my Supreme Parent as a luminous (bright) being of pure light over there and stay connected with Him for a few minutes. I absorb His energy inside myself, which is the spiritual umbilical cord. This is meditation, a spiritual union between the soul and the Supreme Soul. Also, the soul empowers itself in this way with a powerful connection and after that performs its actions in the world, full of all these qualities. Those actions will then become pure actions and will inspire others also. This is the magic of meditation.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

Message for the day 10-09-2020

To be free from guilt means to ensure quick and easy progress.

Expression: Blaming oneself for all that happens and taking the mind to extreme levels of guilt takes one to a sense of unworthiness. Such a person loses the strength and is unable to look for solutions in difficult situations. Hence there is nothing new that can be thought of, and the situation doesn't get any better.

Experience: When I continue to blame myself, I believe that I deserver neither happiness nor love and that the sorrow that I am experiencing is a deserved punishment. So I lose all enthusiasm to improve the situation and have no awareness of the treasures that I have. So I experience no progress in my life.

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