Friday, September 11, 2020

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 11-09-2020

Soul Sustenance 11-09-2020

The Umbilical Cord Of Meditation (Part 3)

Practical meditation is something which you can do while being in your daily routine and not just at a fixed time like in the morning, before starting your day or in the night, before going off to sleep. It is a constant union. In fact, it is the foundation of positive action. After all, you need to fill yourself with the spiritual nutrition of the different qualities from your spiritual mother or the mother of the soul or God through the divine umbilical cord of positive thinking and meditation. Only then will you radiate the same to others. Often, our negative actions in the day are performed because this divine and sacred connection is not strong enough. In other words, the umbilical cord that we share with God i.e. meditation is cut off and we are so busy in our work that God is forgotten. On the other hand, when we are occupied with the daily work and are performing negative actions, the connection that we have made in the morning is weakened. So if people are to receive goodness from us and love us in return, remaining in the womb of a spiritual consciousness and absorbing its benefits from God or the Supreme Being of the world is a necessity.

Also, this beautiful and pure womb of God will grow us spiritually and we will, as time passes, become beautiful human beings by meditating and focusing our consciousness on Him. We all love Him as a Father but He is also a Mother of humanity and is full of love and power, just like a physical mother, whom we all have been brought up by and experienced. They say the most beautiful and purest relationship in the world is that between a small child and his or her mother. So God is our spiritual mother, the mother of the soul. And His love for me, the spiritual baby, is the Highest in the world. So, enjoy the company of this most beautiful and loving Mother of the Universe. Meditate a lot. That means remember Him and give that love to the whole Universe.

Message for the day 11-09-2020

The power of transformation brings all attainments.

Expression: When there is the ability to transform negative into positive, and waste into useful in a second there is the ability to be useful for the self and others. There would not be just complaints against the situation, but the best would be made out of all situations and move on to the aim set out.

Experience: When I am able to use the power of transformation to finish negative and waste, I am able to experience being free from obstacles. So I am able to experience contentment under all circumstances for having made the best use of everything available.

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