Saturday, September 12, 2020

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 12-09-2020

Soul Sustenance 12-09-2020

Have Clarity, No Confusions

Having clarity is the key to live a life of peace and stability. But we often find ourselves wondering how to be, what to do or which direction to step towards. When the mind enters a confused state, it creates uncertainty, irritation, anxiety and fear. We struggle to move forward and feel lost. Clarity is vital for life of peace and stability. Sometimes our mind is clouded with confusion. In this agitated inner state, mind creates too many thoughts, and the intellect cannot process them smoothly. So we struggle to take right decisions or timely decisions.

Follow these steps to take the path of clarity -

1. Confusion cannot be sorted from thinking at the same level. You need to be calm and elevate your thoughts.

2. Meditate for at least 15 minutes every morning. It cleans your mind of emotional toxins and silences it. Your intuition or wisdom gets activated.

3. In the stillness of your mind, put forth your question and wait for answers. Be assured that right answers come either immediately or later.

4. Whether it is confusion in beliefs, decisions, career or relationships, solution is within you. Even if you take advice from others, take decisions based on your intuition.

Clarity helps you take charge of the situation and choose right responses. Sit back and let’s affirm how we shift towards clarity -

I am a wise being … my every thought is right … I energise my mind every morning … I meditate for 15 mins … I strengthen my intuition daily … I choose my response … I decide what is right for me … every decision is based on my values … my intuition gives me the right answer … my every decision is accurate … I think right … I think less … I am powerful.

Message for the day 12-09-2020

To fill the ones who are hopeless with hope is the greatest service.

Expression: To have faith by seeing the positive qualities even in the most negative person is to fill them with hope. Also to fill hope means to encourage others to move forward in the most negative situation. When this is done they are able to use their potentials for a positive purpose and slowly bring about a change for the better.

Experience: When I am able to see positivity under all circumstances, I am able to have the courage and enthusiasm to make the best out of every situation. This also naturally makes me an inspiration for those around me too and makes me an image of support for those who want to make effort.

In Spiritual Service,
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