Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 14-10-2020

Soul Sustenance 14-10-2020

Love People When They Least Deserve It

We love someone as long as they are loyal to us, and doing the right things. The moment they don't meet our expectations, or they do anything which doesn't fit our definitions of right, we withdraw our love. We believe they no longer deserve our goodness. The truth is that people making mistakes are emotionally unwell, they are in pain. They need our love all the more, at such times. When family, friends or colleagues make small or big mistakes, do you create hurt or worry? Do you blame and reject them, even when you see they are in guilt? And do you feel your reaction is a sign of your love for them? Love them when they least deserve it, that’s when they need it the most – this popular line underlines our responsibility when people make mistakes. We all want that kind of love when we make a mistake and we are reeling in guilt. This implies everyone around us also needs it at their weak moments. People who make mistakes are already suffering from its consequence, from low self-worth and their guilt. Let’s not add pain to their pain by getting upset. Our role is to remain stable, create empowering thoughts and words to strengthen them. Only then we can bring them out of that pain, heal them and support them to come out stronger. The energy we radiate makes a difference to them and to us. The bigger the mistake is, the greater your love should be. Forgive them, understanding that they were victims of circumstances or their wrong habits at that moment. Remind yourself - I have faith that people who make a mistake will not repeat it. I empower them with forgiveness, understanding, love and acceptance.

Sit back and check if you think someone least deserves your love, and train your mind to radiate unconditional love to them at that moment. Increase compassion when people do not send you right energy. When you do not think or act negatively for anyone, you protect your own health and happiness. Remind yourself - People make mistakes when emotionally unwell. I empathize and heal them with my vibrations of love.

Message for the day 14-10-2020

​To fail means there is the need to work a little harder.

Expression: To fail doesn’t means to be a failure but it only means that it will take a little longer before success can be reached. It gives an indication that more effort has to be put in. So when things are done in a different way, it becomes possible to move towards success. Failure in a particular task is a process of strengthening that leads to success.

Experience: During the time of failure, when I understand the significance behind the incident, I am able to be free from negative feelings of fear or disheartenment. Then I am able to learn the right lesson from it and move ahead. So in the worst failures I am able to experience constant progress and thus I find that I am moving on towards success.

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