Friday, October 16, 2020

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 17-10-2020

Soul Sustenance 17-10-2020

Embracing Changes Or Resisting Them?

We are all living in uncertain times where the only thing certain is change. Most situations affect our routine functioning and demand us to adapt ourselves to that change. How willing are you to embrace big or small changes and adapt? Whenever there is a change around us, there needs to be a change within us – an inner preparation. The change has to start in our mind. If we resist the internal shift, we resist the external change too. It leaves us stressed and unhappy. Instead of sticking to internal comfort zones created due to past experiences or belief systems, let’s cultivate a habit of being able to change our habits. Flexibility increases our ability to adjust and adapt to different people and environments. Using our powers to accept, adjust, accommodate, tolerate, or mould are one decision away. Remind yourself - I adapt to people and situations and flow with life. I know when to adjust and when to confront, and I use both powers the right way.

All of us have marveled at life at some point or the other – for the unexpected turns it takes, the surprises it brings and the lessons it gives. This is because change is a law of nature - everything and everyone we come across is subject to change either for good, or for not-so-good. Looking at your own self, how do you perceive changes? When you need to change something that you are not comfortable about–from subtler aspects like your thoughts, emotions and attitude – to visible aspects like habits, lifestyle, job, house, city, or social circle - how open are you to changes? Do you willingly stretch out of your comfort zone, or do you resist? The more we let go of rigidity and go with the flow, the happier we will be. Healthy changes sow seeds of personal growth and yield life-long positive results. So, break mental barriers that change is painful or scary. Confidently embrace the unknown and handle it. Tell yourself that you have the power to change what you can and accept what you cannot.

Message for the day 17-10-2020

​To understand and accept people’s ideas is to increase the power of unity.

Expression: When one suggests something and the other accepts, it gives power to the gathering. So instead of expecting others to accept suggestions, it is better to understand and provide with what the other person needs. The more something is given with generosity there is happiness for the one who is receiving and for the one who is giving. And there is power because of being together in the task.

Experience: If I take something with force I find that others give it to me only temporarily. Instead if I give with happiness, I find that others are able to share with me with happiness. So what I give, I find, remains with me permanently. So there is an experience of fullness and the happiness of having attained even while giving. And with this I am able to experience the power of unity, and the joy of doing things together.

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