Saturday, October 16, 2021

Overcoming Worry By Changing Your Belief System (Part 1)

Overcoming Worry By Changing Your Belief System (Part 1)

What is a good definition of worry? Worry is a process of imagining the worst possible outcome or result or future in a particular situation and creating a living and active image of it in front of the eye of your mind, and then using the energy of that negative image to flow inside your consciousness so as to completely overpower or weaken your spiritual and as a result your physical self and to create fear in the self. 

When people are asked about this process, a person who is attached to this process and is involved in the process very regularly the whole day in different types of situations, one who is a habitual worrier, responds - But it's important to worry, it's good to worry. If we don't think of different possible negative outcomes, how will we prepare for them? It's important to realize that the belief, that by worrying, we prepare for the worst in the future is a false one. This belief causes us not to realize the truth that all worry is simply an incorrect and fruitless creation. It is a wrong use of the positive, constructive and imaginative capacity of our mind and intellect which, instead of empowering the mind and intellect, weakens it. Preparing for the future is important and necessary, but very often while doing that, we enter the territory of worry, which leaves us, defeated or weakened. There is an extremely fine line between necessary preparation in advance on the one hand and worry on the other. The preparation can be done without creating an excessive number of possible negative outcomes in the mind.

(To be continued tomorrow …)


Message for the day

To be free from desires is to have the experience of attainment.

Expression: The more there are desires, the more it becomes difficult to appreciate what is there and what is attained. Life becomes a constant struggle for attaining something else. One desire is fulfilled and before it can be appreciated all energies are focused on the fulfillment of ten other desires.

Experience: When I continue to run after desires, I am not able to have the experience of having attained anything. Running for desires is like running after the shadow, I can never get it. But when I turn my back on it, it runs after me. If I am free from desires, I am rich because I am content with whatever little I have and I am happy putting in effort to be better with that little.

Friday, October 15, 2021

My Thoughts Create My Destiny (Part 2)

My Thoughts Create My Destiny (Part 2)

Yesterday we saw how our thoughts lead to feelings and feelings develop our attitude. Let us go through subsequent stages today.

3. My Attitude Brings Me Into Action.

My attitude dictates my outlook, behavior and response to people and situations. So my attitude drives my actions. Using yesterday's example - I am an employee whose attitude towards my office is one of belongingness. This attitude brings me into action. I give my best performance. I work passionately and align with my company goals.

4. Repeated Actions Form My Habits.

Repeating any action twice, thrice, or ten times makes it a habit. When I am a high-performing employee, I enjoy all the associated benefits. It enhances my happiness and motivates me to do better in the next task, then the next. So I get into a habit - of remaining happy, performing and succeeding.

5. Habits Define My Personality.

I become what I repeatedly do. So all my habits combined together shape my personality. They become an integral part of my life, flowing into my behavior and guide my way through life. If I am a happy employee, it flows in my personality. In this way my happiness is not restricted to my workplace but accompanies me everywhere, leaving its impression in everything I do.

6. Personality In Action Manifests My Destiny.

As will be my personality, so will be my every action. As will be my action, so will be the consequence of the action. That consequence is my Destiny.

Summary: This is how all elements come together - my thoughts create feelings, feelings develop my attitude, attitude comes into action, actions repeatedly done cultivate habit, habits influence my personality, and my personality scripts my destiny. Therefore I choose how I want to feel the whole day, my whole life. I decide the list of emotions to use and the ones to avoid. I have the power to write a destiny of my choice. So when I create a positive thought, it manifests a happy destiny.


Message for the day

To switch on the power of awareness is to be free from being mood off.

Expression: To be mood off means to find excuses and reasons to feel negative - to have negative thoughts for the self or for the others. But if there is a strong powerful awareness in the mind, a positive thought about the self, there will not be a chance for a negative thought to enter the mind. So there will never be any reason to be mood off.

Experience: When I am able to maintain a single powerful thought, I am able to remain happy and content. I am not dependent on the external situations for the internal state of mind. Nor do I make external situations as an excuse to further weaken my own thoughts. So there is constantly a feeling of positivity under all circumstances.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

My Thoughts Create My Destiny (Part 1)

My Thoughts Create My Destiny (Part 1)

Spiritual wisdom teaches us that happiness is independent of our accomplishments, possessions and relationships. Yet, some days we feel pleasant, some days anxious. Some days we are enthusiastic, some days dull. This means that sometimes our feelings are not in our control. The fact is that each of us can create feelings and destiny of our choice using Thought Power. How do thoughts manifest destiny? Answer is in a simple chain moving forward sequentially from our thoughts to feelings, attitude, actions, habits, personality and destiny. Let us understand how they work.

1. My Every Thought Generates My Feeling.

Thoughts are my creation. Every thought gives rise to a feeling, so how I feel is decided by the quality of my thought. So if I consciously create a pure, positive thought, I feel happy. Happiness is a feeling, an emotion and an experience I go through. Likewise I also experience feelings like peace, love, pain, anger. Suppose I create a thought - I enjoy working in this office. it generates a positive emotion and I feel happy. On the contrary, if I create a thought - I dislike working here, it generates a negative emotion and I feel dejected. My inner power depletes so my job feels tougher as I get weaker. Instead, if I think - I have challenges at office but will face them, my positivity helps me to overcome them.

2. My Feelings Develop My Attitude.

My thoughts create feelings at every moment whether in my relationships, workplace or a shopping mall. Everyone is who they are, everything is what it is. But how I feel about people and situations over a period develops my attitude towards them, determining whether I accept, respect or reject them. So if I create a thought - I enjoy working in this office over a period of time, the resulting happiness defines my attitude about my office - one of belongingness.

Tomorrow we will go through subsequent elements of the chain leading to creation of destiny.


Message for the day

The one who follows the right method gets easy success.

Expression: When there is a clear aim of what has to be done and how one has to go about doing it, then there is accuracy in all words and actions. Whatever effort is put in is according to the system and is naturally accurate.  So when there is accuracy in all that is done, the fruit of that is also right.

Experience: When I have been following the right method for whatever I have to do, I am able to remain happy for the effort that I have put in.  I am also able to be patient and wait for the fruit of my effort to come at its own time. I am never in a hurry, so I always experience success whatever the outcome of the task may be.