Friday, January 1, 2021

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 01-01-2021

Soul Sustenance 01-01-2021

Let Us Make The Shift To Divinity This New Year!

Every morning we decide How we are going to Be and What we are going to Do in the day. Today we need to reflect on How we are going to Be and What we are going to Do this Year. Let us remember that our choices of how to be and what to do not only influence our life and those of people around us, they influence the World. The consciousness of the world is the Collective Consciousness of all the people in the world. Like the energy of a room is the collective energy of all the people in that room. Each person contributes to the energy of the world and also gets influenced by the energy of the world. Every time we create a thought or speak a word we are contributing to the Global Consciousness.

We all want a world of Peace, Harmony, Health and Ecological Balance. These are high vibration energies. To create a world vibrating at this frequency, we will need to individually vibrate at a frequency of Ethical Practices, Stability, Acceptance, Co-operation and Contentment. We need to create a paradigm shift in our way of thinking which will then translate into a paradigm shift in the world. Every situation, issue and problem we are facing today is only a reflection of our vibrational frequency. We cannot remain at a low frequency and resolve our issues. It is time to shift …not wait for problems to get solved … not wait for others to shift … not fear the challenges we will face when we shift … we only need to shift. Shift to a higher frequency, a way of thinking and living the way we want the world to be. If we complain about the world and its problems, we will continue to live at a lower frequency and which means the problems will only intensify. Let us shift from complaining to taking responsibility; all we need to do is shift our way of living. Let us not limit our blessings to only Happy New Year, let us raise our blessings to create a Divine New World. Divinity is our original frequency, start being there. Being, Speaking, Living Divinity to Divinize the World.

Message for the day 01-01-2021

The one who is loving is the one who experiences freedom.

Expression: The root of suffering is attachment, because attachment makes one bound. To be truly free means to learn to love and appreciate while remaining independent. Others’ state of mind or task does not negatively influence one’s own responses to the outside environment. There is the ability to be free and express one’s own specialities without being coloured.

Experience: If I cannot keep myself free from attachment I am constantly experiencing suffering. Because I am attached, I am dependent on someone or something I have created a space for in my mind. When that person or object is criticized, neglected or not with me, I feel pain in my mind and I experience a sense of loss. Then I am not able to be loving.

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