Thursday, January 7, 2021

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 07-01-2021

Soul Sustenance 07-01-2021

Carrying Pure And Positive Intentions (Part 2)

Whenever we start a task in the New Year ahead, we need to check and analyze what our intention behind every action is. Suppose our intention is of a negative emotion like greed or ego or selfishness. Then although the action may be good, the result of the action will not be as per our satisfaction and to the extent we desire. God is the Highest entity in this world and He performs the highest actions, which are not only noble, but also extremely positive and pure. But He never has any selfish motive or negative intention while performing the action of giving happiness to human beings. On the other hand, He not only has a pure intention, but He does not get any return for the actions He performs in any way.

On the other hand, human beings not only perform actions sometimes, with a negative intention, but they are also looking for a return for their actions in some way or the other. This is because human beings are not free from desires and God is completely desireless. So, as we begin a new journey in our lives in the fresh year, let us look at our intentions behind every action. Let us live our lives in a spiritual manner by looking at not only our own benefit behind every action but also the benefit of others. Also, let every action be done selflessly, without any false motive or interest. In the way, we will remain satisfied and much more happier. Also, the more happier we become the more our qualities will flow into every action and make them more and more full of success.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

Message for the day 07-01-2021

Cooperation brings beauty and growth.

Expression: Everyone seeks for cooperation from others, but the beauty lies in cooperating with others. True cooperation is that which is given with the heart and touches the lives of others positively. It inspires others to be cooperative too. This is the true help that one can extend to others.

Experience: When I am able to be cooperative with others and provide them with the help that they require, I am able to enjoy the joy of giving unconditionally. I am free from expectations from others and I am able to enjoy the growth that I perceive in others. I don't expect others to change for me but because they can improve.

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