Friday, January 8, 2021

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 08-01-2021

Soul Sustenance 08-01-2021

Carrying Pure And Positive Intentions (Part 3)

As we step into life’s different situations, let us ensure that every single thought, word and action is filled with newness in this year. Let us also be full of enthusiasm and joy and never lose our contentment to any difficult situation. Can we, when in a negative situation, become positive and powerful in less than a second? Can we become free from negative thoughts and unnecessary thoughts when we desire and at the speed required? Let’s look at these questions in our life. Let’s not just celebrate the beginning of another year. But, let’s bring a close to the weaknesses of the mind and become strong and determined. This is what God wants from us. This is celebrating the New Year with happiness and then give happiness to others. We all are pillars of strength for the world. The stronger we become, the more strength we will be able to give to others. We see people around us in pain and sometimes in difficult situations, don’t we?

So the highest intention for me, as a good human being, is giving to others what they require. So let’s not just think of my interests but also give others peace, love and joy. This is performing actions of charity of the highest type. And while making our roles full of success, let’s think of how my office duty or workplace profile can benefit the workplace or the office in a bigger way. Let me earn money, but also think of donating some money to God’s task of world transformation. These are good and noble intentions. While I look to become a better human being, let me not keep the goodness to myself and feel happy but make others also good human beings by sharing my kindness and love with them. And while we look to make our relationships with our family members and friends loveful and full of happiness, let us also keep an eye on our world family and make it full of unity, love and co-operation. So, let pure, positive, noble and selfless intentions adorn every action of yours in the New Year. This will make it beautiful for everyone.

Message for the day 08-01-2021

Contentment makes one virtuous.

Expression: The one who is content is free from selfishness, yet is concerned about filling the self with inner treasures. Such a person finds his stock of treasures always full and overflowing. So his thoughts, words and actions are those that are constantly bringing benefit to those around.

Experience: When I am always content, I always experience myself to be victorious. I am easily able to learn from all situations and use all my experiences to move forward. Also I become a giver. I thus get the love and good wishes of those around me and am also able to experience constant progress.

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