Sunday, January 10, 2021

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 10-01-2021

Soul Sustenance 10-01-2021

Health Is A Matter Of Choice, Not A Matter Of Chance

The effect of thoughts on our physical health is well established. Each thought has an effect on the cells of the body. A large number of diseases today are psychosomatic, which means persistent negative emotions like stress, anger, fear, hurt, mistrust, jealousy, guilt, manifest in the form of disease. Let us now focus on the effect of positive feelings on health. Love, peace, happiness, forgiveness, acceptance, appreciation, trust, enthusiasm - each powerful and positive thought is having an effect on the cells of our body. It’s not about the right thinking when we are not well only, but it’s about our thoughts at all times. Let us begin clearing our emotional blockages, past hurt, resentment, not being able to forget and forgive, it’s only a thought away. The situation may have happened days or years back, but if I am able to feel that emotion even today, then I am carrying an emotional blockage, which has already begun creating a physical blockage of energy in my body.

When we talk about healing, we always focus on healing the physical ailment, but if we don’t remove the root of the ailment which is an emotional blockage, the physical ailment can recur. Each time we are choosing compassion over anger; forgiveness over resentment; trust over doubt; co-operation over competition; appreciation over criticism – we are choosing health over disease. Let us be aware of every thought that we create regarding our body - whether it is about the way we look; about our health; an addiction we wish to give up – it is a message to the body which the body will obey. So, let us detoxify the mind and erase every past memory of pain, because detoxification of the mind begins the process of detoxification of the body.

Message for the day 10-01-2021

To be free from the identification with negativity is to be always light.

Expression: The one who identifies with his negative traits is always thinking about it. There is a trace of this negativity that is seen in everything he does or talks. He is not able to be free from this negativity because with each passing day the identification with it becomes stronger. Slowly others too start perceiving him in the same way.

Experience: When I am able to be free from the identification with my negativity, I am able to be constantly light. There might be situations or people who might provoke my negativity, but I am able to maintain my inner positivity. This is because I have managed to finish my identification with the negativity.

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