Thursday, January 14, 2021

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 14-01-2021

Soul Sustenance 14-01-2021

5 New Year Resolutions For 2021

1. Let me experience the beauty of myself, every person around me and nature. Let me affirm to myself everyday in this year - I am a very special soul, filled with many specialties and qualities, everyone I meet is also beautiful and special and I am thankful to nature which has blessed me with its purity and beauty.

2. Let me remember only the good scenes of the past year and love them and enjoy them at every moment in the coming year. Let me experience always - I am very stable and powerful and life is beautiful at every step. Negative scenes are teachers and sources of power for me, I accept them with ease and gratitude.

3. Let every interaction with everyone in this year be filled with positivity, harmony and purpose. Gift everyone with peace, love, joy, strength and enthusiasm. Let your face and actions reveal goodness and perfection to everyone and bring them closer to you and make all your relationships beautiful.

4. Let the coming year end without any whys, hows, whens and whats in situations. When the whys come, say fly in joy. When hows come, say God knows best. When the whens come, say at the right time in the right way. When the whats come, say there is benefit which will be revealed soon.

5. Make God your best friend in this year. Everyday experience all relationships with Him. Talk to Him everyday in your thoughts - I am the luckiest soul in the world who has God as His mother, father, teacher, guru and companion. I will colour every scene of the New Year with His love and remembrance.

Message for the day 14-01-2021

Patience brings easy solutions.

Expression: What one cannot achieve with pressure can be very easily achieved with patience. Patience brings a state of calm inside which helps in finding the answers that already lie within. It gives courage to work on the problem in a cool and relaxed way till the solution is found. It brings creativity even to mundane things.

Experience: When I am able remain patient even in the most challenging situations, I am able to remain calm. I don’t let go of my inner peace but am able to be aware of my own inner resources. I am able to retain my inner strength which gives me courage to find the solution for every problem.

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