Monday, February 22, 2021

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 22-02-2021

Soul Sustenance 22-02-2021

Taking Up Responsibility For How You Feel

The most common belief is - It’s not me, it’s them. This is the illusion that someone else is responsible for what we think, feel and do. Whenever we point the finger at someone else for what we feel, we make our self a slave to that person or that situation. The truth is, It’s not them, it’s me. Always. Regardless of the nature of the event or the sharpness of the words intended to insult, our response is always our own creation. Their behavior is the stimulus; how we think, feel and then behave is our response.

We have the freedom to choose our response. We are not machines who respond automatically and say – obviously I will get angry, naturally I will get hurt…there is nothing obvious. We need to shift from an automated way of responding to being aware that even if we our hurt, it is our creation and we have a choice how long we wish to remain like that. We can choose a response of stability, calm and love.

So let’s check how often we blame someone for how we feel, and then slowly shift your thinking to the awareness…stimulus is outside, how I am feeling inside is my creation. I have a choice.

Message for the day 22-02-2021

The method to get help is to take the first step of courage.

Projection: When I set out to achieve something, I usually expect help from situations or people, but am not always able to get it. Then I tend to become disheartened and sometimes tend to give up the task altogether.

Solution: The right way to get help is to first take a step forward even in the most negative situations. With courage and faith when I start in whatever little way I can, I find the help coming to me. Then I will neither stop nor give up with the little setbacks that I am faced with.

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