Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 24-02-2021

Soul Sustenance 24-02-2021

5 Types Of Sanskars Of The Soul

The soul has 3 faculties Mind, Intellect and Sanskars. Very often we say we can’t understand each other and sometimes we can’t understand our own behavior, it is because we are not aware of the sanskars or personality traits each of us carries. Each soul carries 5 types of sanskars:

(1) Sanskars we get from our parents and family. We often find certain habits of ours very similar to habits of members of the family. They could be outer habits or our way of thinking and personality traits.
(2) Sanskars which are created because of the environment we are in – country, caste, culture, city, locality, school, friends and social circle.
(3) Sanskars we carry forward from our past birth. We understand that we are not this body, but the spiritual energy that uses the body, energy which is not created or destroyed – energy which is immortal, eternal. Death means the soul leaves the body and has a new body ready for it to use. When the soul leaves one costume, it carries its recordings i.e. sanskars with it. This explains why even identical twins have very different personalities, bodies are identical but each soul is carrying a different past.
(4) Sanskars created by our own will power. We may carry any type of sanskar from the past, family or environment, but if we wish to change, we can create a new sanskar with our will power.
(5) Original sanskars of the soul. The above 4 types of sanskars are acquired after using the body, but each soul has an original set of sanskars, which is same for every soul – purity, peace, joy, power, love, bliss and wisdom. These 7 sanskars are the original sanskars of every soul, and all the sanskars we see today of ego, anger, greed, jealousy, fear… are acquired sanskars. When we remain aware of our original sanskars, they start to emerge again.

Let us remember who am I – I am a pure, peaceful, loveful soul, and so is every soul I will meet today.

Message for the day 24-02-2021

The one who takes inspiration from others keeps moving forward.

Projection: When I look at the specialities of others, I sometimes tend to get discouraged. At such times my own weakness(es) look very prominent and my specialities remain hidden. Such comparision might not actually lead to jealousy but subtly continues to have its influence on me in a negative way.

Solution: At all times I must make sure I am constantly moving forward. Looking at others's specialities I need to take inspiration from them. I need to see what aspect I can imbibe in myself too. When I do this I will be able to experience constant progress being free from negativity.

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