Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 07-04-2021

Soul Sustenance 07-04-2021

5 Positive Affirmations For Good Health

Spiritual Message On World Health Day - April 7th

1. I am a soul full of all qualities and powers ... I nourish each cell of my body with my qualities and powers, making my mind and body healthy and filled with positive energy ... My complete positivity makes my immune system strong and my life long ...

2. I am a powerful and pure energy situated at the centre of the forehead ... I radiate the beautiful white rays of my purity and power to my physical costume ... My entire physical body is cleansed ... All my body systems experience good health ...

3. I am a soul with positive thoughts, feelings and attitudes which make my aura beautiful and radiant ... My aura influences my physical body to fill my body with beautiful vibrations ... These vibrations protect my body always ...

4. I radiate my vibrations of peace and stability to everything I eat and the medicines which I take for my body ... They absorb these vibrations and benefit my mind and body to make them healthy, happy and strong ... I always attract positive health help at the right time and in the right way ...

5. I am a blissful being, the child of God - The Ocean Of Bliss ... My mental and emotional lightness influences my physical organs and makes them light and relaxed ... Others who meet me and see me get inspired to bring lightness and health in their lives ...

Message for the day 07-04-2021

The one who is selfless is the one who is the best judge.

Projection: When I have to take a decision, either for others or myself, there is some kind of selfishness or greed involved in it. When I think only of my selfish desires, my judgement would not be accurate.

Solution: I need to be detached and see what benefit there is for each one with the choice that I am going to make. The more I think of the benefit of all, the more my judgement is accurate.

In Spiritual Service,
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