Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 21-04-2021

Soul Sustenance 21-04-2021

Transform Knowledge Into Wisdom

We all know someone who has high knowledge but doesn’t come across as wise. Knowledge is a bundle of data or information stored in the mind. Our intellect then goes through the knowledge base, uses only the useful information, to apply it wisely in every situation. Knowledge is about accumulating facts and information, while wisdom is about using judgment in applying that knowledge in life’s situations. This means knowledge is a gift that comes to us with a big responsibility – of churning on it, applying it in life and converting into wisdom. Wisdom shows us how to think and how to live right.

1. Meditate every morning for 15 minutes and study spiritual knowledge every morning for 15 minutes, to fill the mind with God's knowledge. Thereafter, your mind thinks right and perceives every situation clearly. Your choices and decisions will be based on logic and reasoning.

2. Discriminate what is right or wrong, based on your inner wisdom. Don’t use acquired information, people’s opinions or belief systems created by society. They may or may not be right for you. Ask the question, silence your mind and wait for your intellect to give you answers.

3. The process of seeking and obtaining wisdom is a life-long effort. The more you gain it, the deeper your inner qualities of humility, honesty, love, compassion, truth and courage become. These help you stand by your principles and stand for what is right at all times.

4. When you read or listen to deep messages on media or social media, don’t just be in awe of them. Ask yourself - How is it relevant to me? and apply it in your situations. Imbibing knowledge makes it your own wisdom, your truth and a part of your personality.

Message for the day 21-04-2021

Where there is contentment, problems finish.

Projection: Contentment enables one to have a positive outlook towards life. So the one who is content always works towards solutions, as he is never disturbed with situations, but is always relaxed. This automatically brings the ability to contribute to others and give them the support to bring progress within them. Such a person works for his own self-progress too.

Solution: When I am content with everything that is happening, I am able to be light in all situations. So even in the biggest difficulty, I am never caught up with the problem, but am always thinking of the solution. My mind is busy with finding the solution, so internally I remain unaffected with the problem.

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