Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 05-05-2021

Soul Sustenance 05-05-2021

Enjoying The Sightseeing Of Your Life (Part 3)

4. Another virtue we learn through travelling is patience. It teaches us that it’s okay to wait and relax, and if something goes wrong, we learn to be patient, while at the same time we seek help from others and God in different ways and try and resolve it. In life situations too, we can apply the same virtue and learn to appreciate every different experience even more and not get tired and impatient, because every difficult situation does bid goodbye sooner or later.

5. We mostly travel light while sightseeing. We come home and realize that we don’t need anything more than the essential needs to survive. In life too, we can survive with very little. Also, it’s a beautiful gift that we accumulate as travelers, when we make friends with people around the planet, all from different walks of life, while having only one thing in common - love for adventure and new experiences. Similarly in life too, we can surround ourselves with love and friendship, where we appreciate the differences of each other and let go of past situations that influenced the relationship negatively.

Meditation is a beautiful method, which helps us to create a little space between you and your mind and you become more watchful of your own thoughts. So, once we know what comprises of us as a spiritual being and what doesn’t, it helps us in establishing very clearly that the situation, in which we are, right now, is separate from us. Empowered with this clarity of thought, we can then deal with situations with a lot of detachment, intelligence and capability and the situations will not overwhelm us.

Message for the day 05-05-2021

The one who is detached enjoys all facilities and yet is not dependent.

Projection: For the ones who are detached, the facilities available are a medium for attaining something. They make the best use of each and everything available, for their benefit and the benefit of others. Yet they don't stop because of lack of facilities because they are able to find a way even if there is nothing available.

Solution: When I am detached, my internal stage is beyond fluctuation. I am able to enjoy each and every thing that comes my way and be light constantly. Also it enables me to be free of dependency. So I am able to make use of all facilities, and yet be free from negative feelings when I am deprived of them.

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