Thursday, May 27, 2021

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 27-05-2021

Soul Sustenance 27-05-2021

Positive Consciousness For Success (Part 2)

The most important aspect of our life is our consciousness while performing any action. Let’s say your work is looking after your home and cooking meals as well and looking after your family. So, while doing this, do you only remember all the tasks that you have to perform like selecting the ingredients of your meals and using the right recipe to prepare them? Or do you pay attention to what you are thinking at that time, which is what we call consciousness? Also, is the action of making a meal just a routine or you enjoy it completely? Depending on how we think, the action performed either gives us an experience of happiness or even if we do not experience any stress while doing it, but nor are we immensely positive while doing it. We could call it a neutral state of mind, but not a positive one.

So, our consciousness is extremely important while performing any task. Suppose you have a task at hand, check at that time that are you looking at the task with enthusiasm and determination or you want to complete it because it has to be done and it’s your duty? Do you experience happiness and are sure of its success or fear that you may not succeed or it may not work out as you are expecting it to? These are some examples of what our state of mind or consciousness could be and how it could influence the task and how we perform it. Our consciousness is more important than the task itself. The more positive the consciousness, the more positive will be the experience of performing the task.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

Message for the day 27-05-2021

To have the balance of being a master and a child is to experience constant success.

Expression: To have the right balance means to know when to be a master and when to be a child. When one gives an idea or makes a contribution, it is as a master - with total authority. But while the idea is heard by others and is being criticised I become a child. There is no attachment to the idea, but the mind is open to receive new thoughts in order to enrich what is already there.

Experience: When I am able to maintain a balance between being master and a child, I am able to experience constant happiness I am able to put forth my creative ideas with confidence. Yet I am not upset when someone criticises my ideas. On the contrary, I am constantly learning and moving forward. So I constantly experience success.

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