Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 08-06-2021

Soul Sustenance 08-06-2021

Coping With Stress With Positivity (Part 1)

It is obvious that certain events in life cause more psychological strain than others. For example, the death of a loved one is several times more stressful in magnitude than paying back a loan taken for a house. Any major setback in our personal or professional lives, that frustrates our goals in life, will either force a person to use all his or her emotional energy to create an invisible wall around remaining goals. Or it will protect the person from committing similar mistakes when further negative events in life take place. Or it can also show the person a new, more clear and a more urgent goal, which would be to overcome the challenges created by the negative event of life. Therefore, if we take the correct approach, the negative situation may not necessarily be an obstacle to our quality of life. In fact, what may seem like a devastating event, may come to enrich our life in new and unexpected ways. This difference in how we respond to stressful events can be called our coping ability.

A new situation puts us in a new space, which is an opportunity of personal growth, and need not always be accompanied by a lot of stress. If we were in a situation where the body asked us to choose between health and sickness, we would definitely choose health. If the mind asked us to choose between joy and tension, we would choose joy. Being stressful is a natural outcome of unconscious living - managing our mind and body in a wrong manner. It is like using our mind as a gadget without having read the user’s manual.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

Message for the day 08-06-2021

To receive respect from others comes more with responsibility than as a right.

Expression: The one who gets respect is the one who becomes worthy of it rather than the one who just expects it. True respect comes from how well a task is done rather than what is done. The more one's speciality is expressed, the more one becomes worthy of respect.

Experience: When I go on giving my best in whatever is expected of me, I will start receiving respect from those around me. I will then never expect from others but will naturally be able to give respect to all. This further makes me earn their love and regard.

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