Thursday, June 17, 2021

Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 17-06-2021

Soul Sustenance 17-06-2021

8 Positive Steps For Facing The Corona Virus

1. Remind yourself 10-15 times everyday – I am a fearless soul, protected by God’s vibrations, which surround me every moment. My body is always healthy.

2. As you drink or eat anything, radiate rays of purity and power to it for 15 seconds each time before having it. This will fill your body with protective energy and increase immunity.

3. Visualize a golden circle of God’s light and might around your home everyday and feel very deeply that my family is safe and secure and filled with positivity.

4. Treat the present social isolation time as a time to go in silence, meditate, empower yourself spiritually and radiate vibrations of peace, patience and strength to the world.

5. Fear and worry about the future of your family, your health or your work at the present time will only increase your problems. Think right and positive. This will create a solution soon.

6. Today, whenever you meet someone, radiate thoughts of cooperation to them – You are a powerful soul filled with unlimited powers and positive energy. Good health is always with you.

7. Instead of over reading and listening negative information, absorb spiritual wisdom and take steps for mental and emotional protection. Tell yourself – The world will recover very soon. We are safe.

8. Every morning as soon as you get up and every night before sleeping, affirm to yourself – God is with me at every step. With his help and power in every action, I keep myself and others positive.

Message for the day 17-06-2021

Love creates the right environment for others' positive growth.

Expression: Where there is love, a natural environment for others' growth is created. Love gives the ability to perceive the positivity in others and gives the encouragement to others to bring about that positivity and use it for the benefit of the self and others.

Experience: When I have love for others, along with perceiving their specialities, I am also able to recognise and use my specialities and inner powers more and more. Knowing and using these specialities is naturally for the benefit of those around me. This gives me an inner experience of power which makes me a constant giver and a support for those around me.

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