Wednesday, September 15, 2021

5 Steps To A Stress Free Life (Part 1) | Soul Sustenance 15-09-2021

5 Steps To A Stress Free Life (Part 1)

It is commonly being said and discussed everywhere that a life without stress and worry is impossible to exist. While some of us consider stress as natural, there are others who even say stress is good and some even go to the extent of saying that becoming stressful and worrying will bring us to solutions to problems. While the bandwidth of common views and opinions is vast, it is fair to say that there is no common consensus on the word stress. We are all confused and misled by our own beliefs, others' opinions, information from outside sources as well as most importantly, a lack of correct wisdom on the 21st century favourite topic. A shift of consciousness at 5 levels can lead to a stress free life. Let's take 5 such steps: 

Step 1 – Relax! It Is All Happening For The Good – When this was told to some worriers, they laughed it out. The lack of appreciation from my boss at the office, the critical illness, the absolutely negative relationship with my spouse, where nothing but disagreement exists – and you say it is all happening for the good. Spiritual wisdom when learnt makes us relaxed and easy that whatever is happening at the current moment is right. Also, anything happening will strengthen you, make you wiser spiritually and emotionally, is settling negative karmic bondages created by us in the past and making us lighter. Also, most important of all, it is a test for us, by passing which, we will create better future realities for ourselves. So, always remember the slogan – What has passed was good, what is in front of us now is very good and whatever future we create by remaining stable and content in the present difficult situation, will be very very good. Starting the day with this consciousness will make you successful always.  

(To be continued tomorrow …)


Message for the day

There is magic in each day for those who have the eyes to see.

Expression: The ones who are happy, always find something new.  Even in the most ordinary and routine situations, they are able to find something interesting.  So they are able to use everything that is with them in the best possible way.  They are the ones who bring newness with enthusiasm and make the best use of the resources available. 

Experience: When I have the eyes to see the magic of each day, I have the ability to appreciate even small beautiful things of life.  I constantly find myself content with whatever is happening and whatever I attain in my life.  My contentment also brings creativity and I am able to experience progress by making use of all that is with me.