Friday, September 24, 2021

A Vision Of Goodness For Everyone (Part 1)

A Vision Of Goodness For Everyone (Part 1)

We all live our lives from morning to night, performing actions and speaking words with others along with creating thoughts. The more all our thoughts, words and actions are full of the colour of different qualities, the more our life is an inspiration to all those whom we interact with and share many experiences of goodness with. Once a young boy was visiting a market and as he met a shopkeeper to buy a few items for his home, he found some money fallen on the floor, which did not belong to him. As he picked up the money and inquired with the shopkeeper about it, he was incorrectly told that it is the shopkeeper's money, which he needed to return. As he returned the money, the real owner of the money turned up in the shop to collect it back. The innocent boy was surprised and questioned the shopkeeper about it, but he got only false answers back. He realized, as his parents had told him that the world is not a place completely full of virtues, but people can be false and pretend to be good at times.

Just like the little boy, sometimes we find ourselves surrounded by lots of false people possessing imperfect characteristics and sometimes some of us also get disheartened that does goodness exist in this world or not? Even God sees the world from above and sees the growing imperfections in this world. As a parent of the whole of humanity, He has this pure and sweet wish to change the world and not worry about the negative imperfection that exists. Also, God possesses the knowledge, love and power to transform the bitterness, the untruthfulness, the ego and the jealousy and hatred that exists in the world into goodness, sweetness, good wishes and love. Let's discover His point of view in this message.

(To be continued tomorrow …)


Message for the day

To be wise is to enjoy the beauty of life.

Expression: Wisdom gives the understanding that life does not function haphazardly. It teaches that everything that happens in this theatre of life has deep meaning and significance. Wisdom also brings the understanding that what is reaped today is a result of what was sown yesterday. So whatever actions are done now are filled with positivity and beauty - for, there is always the desire to reap better fruits.

Experience: When I have the true understanding I find myself satisfied and content with everything that is happening in my life. Yet there is the desire and the urge to go on being creative and using my resources for the benefit of all. I go on planting beautiful seeds of positivity and power. So I continue to enjoy the fruits of the seeds I plant. I never stop with obstacles but move forward with confidence.