Thursday, September 16, 2021

5 Steps To A Stress Free Life (Part 2) | Soul Sustenance 16-09-2021

5 Steps To A Stress Free Life (Part 2)

Step 2 – I Am Not On Time … It's Alright – Every step of our lives today is about completing tasks and making things happen faster and better. What we fail to realize that every thought of hurry and the associated worry is influencing our mental, emotional and spiritual as well as our physical health. Also, it is better to be late for that meeting, for the assignment or even for a meal or getting ready. But it's worse to hurry because a hurried consciousness will further bring tight schedules on your way, because that's the energy you radiate, which will come back to you. The more the hurry, the more people will feel the energy of it and feel uncomfortable with you. Also, remember a short term failure is a better deal than long term harm to your mind, body and relationships. So, perform the tasks of significance, drive your car to office, finish your house work and office routine and even have a busy social life, but all of it in a relaxed, unhurried and untired state of mind. This way, you will enjoy life's moments, receive long term success at all levels and not feel the pressure of deadlines and people's time driven expectations from you.  

Step 3 – All The World's A Stage And We Are All Merely Actors – Every morning tell yourself that I am an actor on the world stage and everything I do here is my role to play. An actor on a drama stage never identifies with his role. He knows the role is temporary and he has to return home to reality after the role is played. One of the most significant causes of stress is the thought – I am the role, which is also called an inverted consciousness. The correct consciousness instead is that I am a spiritual actor and the role is my act. My role is temporary and not my real self. My real self is me, the soul or being, full of qualities and powers. The more the detachment with the role, the lesser the stress when in the role, things don't go the way I may want or expect. Also, everyone else is also an actor and sometimes their act will not be as I may expect or predict, but I remain light because I know that positive influence is easier than negative control. If I try to control the other person's act, I will create a stressful mind, relationship and environment. If I influence the actor instead, by radiating good wishes to him, the other person will change and act positively and I will also be free from stress.

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Message for the day

To be a master means not to be cheated by one's own weaknesses.

Expression: When there is any weakness working within me it means that the internal power is not working at that time. To be a master means there is total control over all the internal powers. Whether it is the power of concentration, or the power to decide or the power to be stable, whatever power is required is used according to the right time. So no weakness is expressed but only inner strength is revealed.

Experience: When I am able to use all my powers at the right time, I experience mastery – over situations and over others. But most of all I find that I am a master of myself and my own feelings and emotions. I am always in control of my emotions, however challenging the situations outside may be. So I find that I am never cheated by my weaknesses.