Tuesday, September 14, 2021

The Invisible Energy Of Thought And Feeling | Soul Sustenance 14-09-2021

The Invisible Energy Of Thought And Feeling

Like so many other energies - sound energy, light energy, electrical energy, magnetic energy etc. which are primarily invisible forms of energy of the physical world, the energy of thought and feeling is also a form of invisible energy. The only difference is that it is not an energy of the 5 elements of nature and is extremely subtle. It is an energy which originates from the conscient soul. But at the same time, it is important not to forget that it is closely connected with the physical body and can only express itself through a physical body. The other energies cannot express themselves as they do not originate from a conscient source. Also, we perceive the energy of thought and feeling only when we are inside the physical body.

It is an energy which has kept going and going for as long as we have lived, life after life, in many wrong directions a lot of times. It is this energy which we need to learn to channelize, control, manage, discipline etc. because by doing that we experience our original virtues of peace, love, joy and power, which is our only and only desire, for which we use various different methods. But many times this desire is not fulfilled, because we forget this basic and most important method. This is something which we have not been able to do since a long time, and something which a lot of people have desired to achieve since thousands of years. The technique of meditation is one technique which helps us in this channelization. The channelization of this energy will also improve the state of our physical body as it has a positive effect on the various body systems, the quality of all roles that we play and the success we achieve while playing them and very importantly our relationships – not only with others but with our self and God also.


Message for the day

The first step of courage is to consider oneself fortunate at every step. 

Expression: The one who is courageous never has a doubt of being fortunate.  Even if there are difficult situations and challenges, the faith of being fortunate never fades away.  This faith enables such a person to recognise and use the available resources in a worthwhile way.  Even during difficult situations, there is never a need to stop as faith gives courage to move on.

Experience: When I consider myself to be fortunate I never experience fear inspite of difficult situations. I am always happy with whatever is happening.  Along with it I also have the enthusiasm to make effort to better the situation.  I never worry but am able to enjoy each and every moment and make the best use of it.