Friday, October 01, 2021

5 Benefits Of A Vegetarian Diet

5 Benefits Of A Vegetarian Diet

Spiritual Message On World Vegetarian Day - October 1st

1. Makes Our Mind Pure, Peaceful And Positive - Eating the flesh of an animal which has vibrations of fear, anger and pain, which have been created when it was being killed, causes our mind to lose its serenity. Our mind becomes more agitated and revengeful and we also create impure thoughts and feelings. A vegetarian diet makes our mind very pure, peaceful and full of positivity.

2. Improves Our Physical And Mental Health - Eating vegetarian food improves all types of health and increases our life span. Many serious physical and mental illnesses can be prevented and their symptoms can be reduced by following a vegetarian diet, which not only has a soothing and purifying effect on our mind but also on all the different physical systems of our body.

3. Makes Meditation More Beautiful And Blissful - Because a pure vegetarian diet creates a pure consciousness, our thinking and visualization becomes more powerful and clear and we are able to connect to the spiritual self and to God - the Supreme Soul better in meditation, with higher concentration and can also maintain the concentration for a longer time.

4. Brings Harmony And Love In Relationships - It is very commonly seen and experienced that shifting to a vegetarian diet, changes our personality immensely and reduces our anger and ego and makes us more relaxed and free from expectations. This positive transformation helps us see everyone as our brother souls and make all our relationships peaceful, loveful and free from conflicts.

5. Makes Our Kitchen Pure And God's Space - Spirituality teaches us the practice of cooking food in God's remembrance and offering food to God before eating it. When we shift to vegetarianism, our kitchen becomes an extremely pure space, where such food which has been obtained from nature and without violence, is cooked and offered to God.


Message for the day

The one who is virtuous is loved by all. 

Expression: The one who doesn't let go of his commitment to his values is the one who is loved by all.  Such a person is not concerned whether the other person is committed to his own values or not.  He continues to recognise and express his values in all words and actions.  Hence the expression of his values is not dependent on others or situations and he continues to win the love of all. 

Experience: When I am committed to my own values, I enjoy using them in whatever I do.  I am free from expectations - from situations and from people.  I am able to accept people as they are and also appreciate them for their own value system.  So I never expect people to change according to my expectations and I continue to win the love of all.