Sunday, October 10, 2021

​5 Tips For Good Mental Health

5 Tips For Good Mental Health

Spiritual Message On World Mental Health Day - October 10th

1. Begin Your Day With Spiritual Wisdom And Meditation - When you get up in the morning, your mind, intellect and brain is very fresh and silent. By meditating for 15 minutes and reading spiritual wisdom for 15 minutes in the early morning hours, we charge our consciousness with positive, pure and powerful energy. This makes our mental health very good as our entire day is beautiful and full of contentment. 

2. Have A Good Diet Plan And Eat Well - For a very active, energetic and efficient mind, that is completely free from depression, it is very important to eat well and also make a right choice of what you will eat. Choosing a saatvik vegetarian diet which carries God's vibrations, filled in the food through meditation, helps very much in this.

3. Sleep Well And Sleep For A Good Amount Of Time - A very important medicine for a healthy mind is good sleep without any disturbing thoughts during the sleeping time. Unbroken and adequate sleep heals the mind. Such a mind then creates the right type of thoughts and feelings and remains unaffected by the influence of negative situations and does not get stressed easily.

4. Create A Beautiful Relationship With God And Human Souls - Spirituality shares with us the wisdom that by connecting with God - the Supreme Soul, we become filled with wisdom, qualities, powers and blessings, which we share with human souls in our relationships and make them beautiful. This creates spiritual and emotional fulfillment and helps in keeping us mentally healthy.

5. Fill The Soul With The 8 Spiritual Powers - Increasing soul power makes us mentally strong and resilient. Following a spiritual lifestyle with pure habits and day-to-day living helps us increase our 8 powers - the power to tolerate, accommodate, face, pack up, discriminate, judge, withdraw and co-operate and achieve this purpose.


Message for the day

To find reasons to be happy is to increase happiness.

Expression: When the mind searches for reasons to be sad and sorrowful, even situations with no great significance are seen with a vision of negativity. So there is constantly an expression of words and actions that reflect the need for sympathy and reassurance. On the other hand, when there is the search for happiness, then everything is positive giving happiness.

Experience: When I am happy, I start perceiving everything with that vision. It is like wearing coloured glasses. Whatever colour my glasses are, the whole world is coloured with it. Then, I am no longer able to perceive and recognize negativity and I am able to remain happy with everything.